First Look: The ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Themed Ad Is Here


Yesterday we heard about a hotel replacing their Gideon Bibles with copies of 50 Shades Of Grey and today we have this; the first photo from a Marc New York ad campaign that will draw on inspiration from THE book to end all books (even, apparently, The Bible). I think they’ve got the right idea over there at Marc New York; they’ve cast a couple of minor celebs and the ad is pretty hot (damn, gotta read this book)! Checkie out!

Marc New York for Andrew Marc

Sooo? What do you think? Me likey and me needey that dress. Stat. Here’s what the ladies at Fashionista had to say:

Conceived and photographed by Andrew Marc’s creative director, Chris Gbur, the ads feature Celebrity Apprentice contestant and Miss Universe winner Dayana Mendoza as an unzipped Ana (whose inner goddess is no doubt doing backflips), and former Scottish rugby player Thom Evans as Christian in nothing but a towel (you know, hanging ‘in that way’ from his hips).

The ad will break in the September and October issues of Glamour and People StyleWatch magazine–and we have to say, it does a great job of realizing the fictional characters. We’re not sure whether the setting is meant to be Christian’s playroom or part of his palatial apartment, but whatever, it works. Or, in the always-eloquent words of Ana: Holy Cow! Whoa! Jeez, this looks good.

For those of you who’ve read the book, do you agree that this is a solid interpretation? Either way, I love the ad and I really hope they’ll have some other photos inspired by the story. I mean, it’s about sex so they can’t really go wrong… right?

Also, is that really how Ana talks in the book? No judgement! Just curious… lol.

Source – Andrew Marc

  • oxforddaisy

    Never read the books (which are apparently based on the author’s old Twilight fan fiction), but lurrve the dress and am looking forward to more ads featuring Thom Evan-type bods on display.

    • Dot

      I actually read the fanfiction but was convinces it is written by a 13 year old. I mean seriously the whole “inner goddess” thing was annoying.

    • katie

      They are truly horrible books. The dialogue is ridiculous.

    • Vicky

      It’s like watching/reading a trainwreck. I just couldn’t stop reading, lol.

  • Vicky

    I really hope they cast Ian Sommerhalder in the movie

  • Alejandra

    I read them, and yes! She does speak like that!!
    Oh, and I love the ad!!!!

  • Amy

    Horrible book! Save your braincells and just wait for the movie when a scriptwriter will make it tolerable. The pic is hot though. I wouldn’t have known that it was based on the book if you didn’t tell me, but I do enjoy the look :)

  • continuitee

    Is the mixed-up mirror a thing in the book? The reflection in the mirror is backwards… her legs are wrong.

  • PeaButNutter

    Shannon, you’re all about feminism so thought you might enjoy this excerpt from LaineyGossip a while back, made me think:

    “You know what I find interesting? Katie broke free of Tom’s control and we cheered. He changed her name, he did not allow her to take the jobs she wanted to take, he supposedly had a say in what she wore, who she talked to, who she spent her time with. And that’s… sick, obviously. And disturbing. And frightening.


    Not unlike how Christian Grey dominates Anastasia Steele in the pathetic Fifty Shades Of Grey. He even tells her when to eat and how much to sleep. And yet. And yet so many women are rubbing themselves under the sheets over that story. It’s not the sex scenes people are responding to. It’s the idea of a man with such power over this woman, lured by “love”. A damaged man who is eventually saved by her…even though he can still punish her for – gasp! – daring to talk back to him.

    Somehow this is fantasy? The make-believe world we escape to when we want to get away from life? I don’t understand it but I’ll go ahead and label it: regression. I am confused by those who would cheer Katie Holmes while at the same time get wet over the account of a young impressionable girl being completely overtaken by a rich man and molded accordingly. What is it that we want?”

    ~Lainey Gossip

    In my eyes it’s kind of like fighting for the right to vote, succeeding, then asking your husband who to vote for.

    • Shannon

      PeaButNutter, thank you so much for sharing this. I’m VERY interested in whether or not I’ll experience the book as feminist or not. It’s tricky for me… because I find a certain level of submission to be healthy, empowering and… even, yeah– feminist. Lol. So we’ll have to see!

      And I love your last bit: “it’s kind of like fighting for the right to vote, succeeding, then asking your husband who to vote for.” LOL.

    • mmoon

      I will be very interested to read your opinion Shannon. I thought I might enjoy the books (because who doesn’t like steamy, adult, consensual fun!?) but I LOATHED them. I read the 2nd because there was a bit of a cliffhanger but I didn’t even bother to read the 3rd. Many of my friends love them though, I am definitely in the minority….

  • isabella

    sorry to say I did read the books – she does talk like that. and the inner goddess thing got really annoying after a while.

    anyone else notice Ana in the mirror is not a mirror image of Ana?

    • Tonya

      How did they not notice that? Hilarious.

    • mmoon

      A million thumbs up for this. I hated the Inner Goddess after awhile (read: about 5 chapters), also why does someone personify their subconscious? Pretty sure that’s not a thing.

      Ha, must stop reading this post and replies or I’m going to get really annoyed about the whole series again… (not that care if people enjoyed it – to each their own and all that – I just really, really didn’t)

  • Shannon

    Ha! You guys are awesome! Still, I gotta read the book so I can hate (or love) on my own accord, lol :)

  • Robert

    What the hell is wrong with freakishly long toe next to the big toe on his right foot?!? Still – YUM!

  • Meg

    Ugh, the books are awful! I’m all for erotic romances, but those were just so poorly written and the story was… awful. I’m without words to say how bad it was.

  • Luna

    Yes Shannon you gotta read the books and judge for yourself! I used to scoff at the women who fell for the books but when I read them myself, I was utterly hooked. The books even made me cry WTF.

    But brace yourself though! The writing IS really bad and that holy cow inner goddess thing gets really annoying after like 4 lines and the sex parts are just down right hilarious and WAY WAY WAY too many, but stripped down to it, I thought the love story between Christian and Ana is pretty good!