First Listen: J. Cole Releases A New Song Titled ‘The Cure’


J. Cole…. is…. hot. I hate to objectify him; it is so wrong because he’s so talented! And it goes against everything I believe in as a feminist. Either that, or it supports everything I believe as a feminist. I’ll work that out later. J. Cole has a new song called The Cure (because, apparently, that’s what he is), and he is spitting hot fire all over that awesome beat from Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch The Throne (Lift Off!) Unfortunately, there’s no video so we’ll just have to imagine what J.Cole would look like if he took his shirt off more often the exciting accompanying visuals would like. Still, a pretty sweet listening session going down.

J. Cole: The Cure

Yikes, J. said some naughty things on that one. Love it. And I’m still waiting for him to become a bigger deal! Because he’s a much bigger deal than a lot of people know. #TeamColeWorld.

I’m also really hoping that we will have some more new music from him, in addition to this one. We last saw him in Melanie Fiona’s video which was fun but I’m seriously gonna need more screen time from him. Stat. Oh, and like lyrically he’s really impressive and kinda deep and all that.

But mainly, I’m gonna need more screen time from him.

Uh, of course I pretend I’m the girl in the video: