UPDATE With Video Link: Emeli Sandé Opened The 2012 London Olympic Games


As many of you know I recently became somewhat obsessed (in a completely healthy way) with Emeli Sandé. The Scottish songstress won my heart with her smash single Next To Me, and I’ve been listening to all of her many other amazing songs, as recommended by some of our faithful PITNBrs, who also go pretty hard for Emeli. Which is why I was thuh-rilled (sound it ouuut) to hear that she opened the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Somehow, that news just made perfect sense to me. Her voice is all things victory and glory and human spirit and strength so yeah. Danny Boyle is the mastermind behind the Olympic Games ceremony– which I’m watching as I type and yes– he’s a mastermind (we also knew this from his films, Slumdog Millionaire and Trainspotting). He was so right to involve Emeli in this extravaganza of UK pride. Deets and pics inside!

Emeli Sandé opening the 2012 London Olympic Games

Oh, and Emeli was so excited about singing tonight. Here’s the tweet to prove it:

Lots of other tweets are floating about, and it sounds like everyone is raving about her live performance. Not a huge surprise there.

Emeli created a separate page for all the twit pics that fans were sharing– check it out here. And if you were at the games 1.) Don’t talk to me because I’m mad/jealous at you, and 2.) tweet your pic with the hashtag #emelisande.

Also, I don’t fancy myself an Olympic um dork or anything (not even sure what that is). But the pictures on their Facebook page are absolutely amazing! Checkie out here. And watch the opening ceremony now! It’s on NBC, and it’s crazy! Now! I missed the first few minutes so I’m hoping that I didn’t miss what had to be an amazing performance by Emeli Sandé. As soon as we have video, I’ll share it with ya’ll!

UPDATE: So, yeah. NBC thought it was really important that we see Ryan Seacrest interviewing Michael Phelps (as my dear Trent pointed out to me), but not Emeli singing a truly moving tribute to the victims of the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London. Or, in the words of Deadline Hollywood:

…NBC also insensitively edited out the Olympics Opening Ceremonies’ tribute to 7/7 London bombing victims. Britons are fuming that cut from the NBC coverage was Scottish singer Emeli Sande performance of a moving rendition of “Abide With Me” in their memory. Instead, the Numbskull Broadcasting Company replaced it with that Viscount of Vapidity Ryan Seacrest’s bland interview with already overexposed-in-the-media American swimmer Michael Phelps.

So, a VERY SPECIAL thanks to PITNBr Erin, who found this video for us online. You can watch the tribute and Emeli’s performance here.

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  • Hannah

    Were you upset NBC cut the performance? Their coverage is so infuriating.

  • Shannon

    Hannah, I sat there through all that madness (which was AMAZING!) and then had to DVR it because I’m an 80 year-old who goes to bed at 9 on a Friday. I hadn’t even checked my recording yet, so thanks for the heads up! That is actually, really upsetting.

  • Erin

    NBC didn’t air it in the US. This article has a really good video of the performance though

    • Shannon

      Erin thanks so much! I’ve included the link in the post.