Target Features A Gay Couple In Their New Wedding Registry Ad


Feel like taking a break from the depressing anti-gay stuff coming from Chick-Fil-A these days? How about we turn our attention to Target and their amazing new promo ad campaign for their wedding registry service. As you may know, Target offers a very popular service were couples can register for wedding gifts at their stores. As part of their new promo campaign for the service, Target is featuring a same-sex couple in one of their ads. Click below to see this really cute new promo ad and learn more about this brilliant celebration of marriage equality.

A number of bloggers are praising Target’s new same-sex wedding registry ad — but is it enough to quiet naysayers’ doubts about the megabrand’s seemingly contradictory stance on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues? The ad … features two formally-dressed men holding hands with the slogan: “Be Yourself, Together.” Among those to applaud Target’s effort was David Badash of The New Civil Rights Movement, who called the ad, which comes on the heels of the company’s line of LGBT Pride T-shirts as well as same-sex wedding cards, “kinda awesome.” Still, the news comes just after Target found itself in the headlines after deciding not to sell “Channel Orange,” the critically acclaimed new album by R&B singer Frank Ocean. Though Target officials claimed the decision was purely a reaction to iTunes’ one-week exclusive sale of the album, many wondered if the move had actually been prompted by Ocean coming out as a gay man. Furthermore, the Pride T-shirt line, which was available online but not in stores, was also viewed by some as a half-hearted attempt at erasing past offenses, despite the fact that the company donated a portion of proceeds from the shirts to the Family Equality Council, an LGBT advocacy group. In 2011, Target faced a backlash when it was revealed the company had made a controversial political donation to MN Forward, a group supporting Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, a vocal gay marriage opponent. Quickly, anti-Target groups were created on Facebook, and Lady Gaga nixed an exclusive album deal with the retailer in a show of support. Still, as NewsOK reported, the company has continued to be a major sponsor for the Pride festivities in Minneapolis, and also scores high on the Human Rights Campaign’s corporate equality index, which rates businesses on workplace policies for LGBT employees.

I, too, agree that this new Target ad is “kinda awesome” and I heartily applaud the company for taking this bold stance with their new wedding registry ad campaign. Whatever their past mistakes may have been (ie. donating funds to anti-gay politicians), it seems clear to me that the company has been doing everything right by making amends. I do not believe the bullshizz story that Target refused to carry Frank Ocean’s album because he came out as gay. As I understand it, the company was ready to carry an exclusive version of the physical album before Ocean decided to release the album a week early online in digital form. But, whatever, that is neither here nor there … THIS ad is pretty solid proof to me that Target is promoting marriage equality and for that, they have won my support. I was impressed with the Gay Pride t-shirts but I am really taken with this wedding registry ad. This is proof that a company can make good on past mistakes if they are sincere. Again, I say Bravo to Target for this new ad.

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  • Meghan

    I love Target. Good for them for turning around and doing what’s right!


    Gah, this is great! Ok, I think I’m ready to make up with tar-jay. That picture is flipping adorable…sigh

  • Shaun Doyle

    And if anyone is wondering if they are a real couple?

    I am proud to say that it is my partner and I:) we have been together for 8 yrs. I am Canadian! We have been wanting to get married but it has been so disheartening that it is not federally accepted.
    But since this photo shoot it has been On our minds constantly.
    Thank you for all of the positive comments!

  • joy

    who is this couple they are amazing looking and so real to me please tell me yhey are a true couple:) If they are they should become giant celebs.