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Hey y’all, what’s new? Oh yeah … THIS ENTIRE BLOG is new … well newer, at least. Yes, the big secret project that I’ve been hinting at for months now is finally ready for publication. For the past year, almost, a talented team of developers have been working on this new redesign of the site. The plan was to go live with the redesign right around the time that Shannon started writing for the site but with an overabundance of caution, we decided to make sure that everything on the technical inside of the site was working properly. A day has dawned for Pink is the new Blog, welcome aboard!

Now, I’m sure there will be those of you who aren’t totally happy with all of the changes … much like there were some who pushed back when the site was redesigned a few years ago … but I promise you, this new version of PITNB will offer a lot of new functionality that I’m sure will make the site even better than before. As you can tell with the addition of Shannon, I’m intent on making PITNB a more fun site and I’m certain the new technical and design changes will aid in that goal.

I realize that this is a big change from the old design and I know that it may take some getting used to but PITNB has been around for a long time and I felt it was time to give the site a fresh new look and a fresh new feel. I hope you’ll bear with us as we encounter the various glitches that will undoubtedly come. There will be things that aren’t perfect, may look a bit wonky, etc. But with growth comes some bit of pain. As always, I welcome your feedback and I look forward to this new phase of Pink is the NEWER Blog :)

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  • cmc

    Woo hoo!!! I love the new site, Trent! Not gonna lie, I very begrudingly dealt with the last redesign but stuck around because I love the writing so much. The addition of Shannon, and now this amazing new streamlined and user-friendly site are welcome changes! I love it!!! Great job, team PITNB!

    • cmc

      Hey, PITNB programmers, can a sista get an edit button? I misspelled begrudgingly and am totally not okay with it.

    • @cmc — LOL. Lemme see about that functionality.

    • Tiger

      Hey guys. This is a feature we are hoping to implement. We have to figure out how it works with nesting of comments (we don’t want people deleting their comments and then it messing up the nesting for the whole conversation). Stay tuned…!

  • Matte

    I love it.
    It is so clean!


  • NJ

    Great job on the redesign to all involved!! I know it’s been equally exciting and stressful for you. Looks great and glad we finally get to see it. It’s very clean and sleek! xoxoxo

  • rOXy

    You GO, Trent! This format makes it look more like an online mag than a blog, and I guess that is the logical next step in a venture such as this. I like but I must admit I miss the black background with the pink writing.

  • Iris B

    I am so down for this upgrade. The last time everything was super crowded, but this one is amazing. I’m so proud of everything PITNB has accomplished!

  • rOXy

    OK…the default Icon for the guest commenters? Maybe a tweak on that…I don’t like ties.

    • Tiger

      the tagline for the site IS “everybody’s business is my business”!

    • Tiger

      We just added the new avatars.

    • TIGER is our hero, y’all! He and his team deserve all the love you guys are sharing :)

  • momo

    so funny i was just here about an hour ago and the site was still the old one. so far i love it. didn’t like the old one… not gonna lie, but i stuck with it ’cause i love you Trent!

  • momo

    hey did i miss something? you didn’t mention Melissa. is she gone?

    • @momo — Yes, Melissa is no longer writing for the site.

  • Chivonne

    I haven’t been around a lot but the new design is much cleaner. Er, who is Shannon?

  • elkay

    So pretty! Love it! Much brighter and more welcoming :)

  • ChristineLA

    Trent, you found the hilarity that is Shannon, I’m sure I will learn to like these changes.

  • LuvYa

    Thumbs up.

  • Lily

    Not going to lie. My inital reaction thought was “oh no! not a new format!”. But I actually love the new look. Love coming onto the site everyday and seeing the latest celebrity gossip. And I love you Trent! And I love the addition of Shannon as a new voice to the blog.

  • Jason Santoro

    Looks like every other Celbuzz site.

    • AmandaPalmina

      ya I didn’t realize PITNB was bought by BuzzMedia.

  • nicole

    i love it! it looks clean – and gives it a real professional look. (and hey we can finally like comments! thats always a bonus!)
    between the addition of Shannon & this new look, i see big things happening for PITNB!

  • Chelle

    I’ve been with you since the days of Eric (a loooong time ago, no?) and, I’m not gonna lie, I never did like any of the designs. But I dig you and I dig the content so I stayed. That said, HUZZAH! THIS IS SERIOUSLY AWESOME. Thanks for the change up, Trent. It looks beeeeautiful!!

  • capnjeffie

    This place looks INCREDIBLE!!! Designer gets a raise!!

  • Mhat

    LOVE IT!! So clean and fresh – Congratulations to y’all on a job well done!! And Trent – LOVE your icon in the top right corner, looks just like you! :-)

  • Halli

    I do like. So pretty and so happy for you!! I’m glad we finally get to see it. You know I’ll always come back. :)

  • Lauri

    LOVE the new layout! on my screen, though, the top part is smooshy (as in the menu boxes, and the top story boxes). It’s only on some screens. Could just be on my browser though!

  • kendra

    Woah! It’s going to take a little getting used to but I’m excited to start poking around..Looks pretty damn slick so far! It’s so grown-up looking, Trent! Eeeep! Congrats!

  • Newb

    I really like the new look. Very fresh. Change is a good thing.

  • Joanna

    I am going to have to get used to this new look for the site but I think I’m gonna like it. The one thing I LOVE so far is that you moved the name of the author of the pot from the bottom to the top. Now I don’t have to scroll through a story I might only marginally be interested in to find out who wrote it. That being said, I have come to recognize both yours and Shannon’s writing styles and can almost immediately recognize who is writing a post. Congrats on the next phase of the blog!

    On a side note, I’ve been thinking about it and whoever the next major anniversary comes around, you should do a retrospective of the blog complete with photos of how the blog has grown and changed over time and perhaps muse on what the future could hold for Pink. That would be awesome!

  • ashley

    Love the new design! As an added bonus, its easier to read on my phone lol

  • Lexie

    definitely impressed with the upgrade .. i have been reading PITNB for YEARS … one of those who cried when trent got engaged. love shannon, love the redesign!

  • CRR

    Love it!!!

  • debra

    Wow I like the change. MY eyes do too..LOL

    congrats to everyone and all their hard work.

  • Bethany24

    Yay new blog and yay Shannon! Love, love, loooove it!

  • jen g

    Looooooooove the new design, Trent & co! Sometimes the old pink on black and white on black was hard on my eyes. So excited to be able to read my favorite blog with ease!!

  • blaqfury

    Thumbs up so far!

  • ally

    LOVE it!!!

  • Iris B

    What happened to all earlier comments? Lol.

  • Rebecca

    Lookin’ good!

  • kt

    Loving it so far!

  • kiskillilla

    Love it so far! Loads a lot faster for sure ^__^

  • PITNBCreeper

    The site looks fantastic!

  • nicole

    i love it! it looks so clean & fresh.

  • Marie

    Way better than the old design! I hated the pixelated pink background… Awesome!

  • MaddieJ

    I love it! It really does seem more functional and easy! Do you think you’ll ever do an app??

    • @MaddieJ — Yes, an app is in the works.

  • vheel

    I love the slick yet sassy version!!! thanks for the upgrade, it’s supah! ;)

  • Vhil Laborera

    I love the slick yet sassy version!!! thanks for the upgrade, it’s supah! ;)

  • Alicia Mayo-White

    I love the new design Trent, but I miss the pink stars all over the pictures!

    • @Alicia Mayo-White — The pink stars aren’t going anywhere. It’s just that there was a plethora of pink hearts today, that’s all.

  • Tracy

    I do like it but it is a confusing when you want to post a comment after each story. I can’t even see the comments of the other guest.

    • Tracy

      Nevermind…I got it…you are right it will just take some getting use to navigating the new site.

  • Lexxxx

    Its sleek and very up to date!
    I love the little trent in the top right hand corner!

  • Lynne

    I feel indifferent about the new design. It’ll definitely take some time getting used to the layout changes, but it’s been fun seeing the site grow through the years. :)

  • Janessa

    The new design looks awesome, Trent! It’s super sleek and polished, but it still has the fun signature touches that make your blog unique. And…while I’m writing this (I’ve always thought about leaving comments, but this is the first time I actually have), I just wanted to let you know that I think you (and your team) do a great job. I’m probably in the minority as far as social media goes because I left Facebook a while ago and haven’t ever used Twitter (nor do I even really understand it!), but I stumbled upon your site several years ago, liked what I saw, and am now at the point that I visit your blog every day! I can’t resist keeping up with silly celebrity gossip, but I prefer to come to your site to do this because of your open-minded, respectful attitude, and the individuality that you and Shannon give to each post. So there we go…sorry for writing a novel, but I wanted to say thanks for providing such a positive and thoughtful take on everyhing pop culture!
    PS: And as a side note, I’ve been LOVING the ethical topics that Shannon has been weighing in on as well; I love feeling studious and smart at the same time that I’m catching up on current Ryan Gosling news! ;)

    • Shannon

      Janessa, thanks for the side note :) In my world, Ryan Gosling and contemporary feminist theory go hand-in-hand. Glad you’re enjoying!

  • ausettofegypt

    Trent, this looks fantastic! Wonderful job. Congratulations!!!

  • Erin

    Is there still a mObile site?

  • Monica

    love the new look, but PLEASE PLEASE don’t have any ads that make noise! I can’t stand those.. :(

  • Fhernando Cervantes

    amazing,I have always being a fan of the blog for years and i will continue following you trough this new chapter on the blog !!

  • Lila

    So beautiful, I love it !! :-)

  • Kat

    So did you actually sell the site to BuzzMedia?

  • Nisim Z Fra

    LOVE THE NEW SITE! Love Shannon!!!!!

  • cowgirl

    I can’t see the comments??!?? *looking around*

    • Shannon

      cowgirl, I think we’ve fixed this. Can you see them now? Lol… *looking around*

  • muchacha

    Congrats on the site redesign Trent. I will miss the old one, but look forward to exploring this new layout.

  • muchacha

    Oh man, just noticed your avatar on the top right. So cute! I love it!

  • muchacha

    And I also can’t see the comments in the list below an article, only in the “recent comments” on the right

  • oxforddaisy

    I’ve been a reader of PITNB for years now, and at first hated the last redesign, but quickly realized you know what you are doing Trent–the last redesign made the site work better and this one looks like it will too!

  • beth

    trent, this isn’t coming up right on my screen, words are in a column in a weird way…

  • Meghan

    Looks great, Trent! How exciting!

  • Meghan

    Oops. Don’t know what’s going on with my photo there. Can we edit comments? Not that photos of Obama are ever a bad thing.

    • PixiesBassline

      Sorry Meghan, but sometimes they are. I try to avoid them as much as possible.

  • AprilStrange

    I’m having the same problem, there’s only one word per line.

    • beth

      glad its not just me april – ugh so frustrating!!

    • nik

      hey. are you girls using Internet Explorer 7 by any chance ?

    • AprilStrange

      No, IE 9.

  • Caroline

    I love it! It is also 90 times easier to read on my Kindle Fire. Before the pages would slide to one side and not stay put. Very nice design. Keep it up!

  • Chad

    Looks great, Trent! It actually much easier to read than the white type on black background. Congrats on the new look!

  • andrea

    I absolutely love it! I read the blog at work during quiet moments and I always felt so sketchy having the black with bright pink background very visible to my co-workers who are actually working hard. But now this is much more discreet and actually looks like a magazine/news website so now they won’t know that i’m trolling for celebrity gossip and other fantastic news! It’s a great, new, refreshing step!! I’m still loving this website after many, many, many years following it!

  • Tiffany

    I’ve been reading pink for a long time now, and I must say that i’m LOVING the new site! It’s super clean, easy to read, and modern.


  • Luna

    i definitely LOVE it! no more irritating video that automatically starts playing and slows down the entire site! Thumbs up and toes up!

  • Maddie

    I really like how the comments just go on and on and u don’t have to click through pages of them to read. AND I love pink, but black on white is a lot easier to read. Cool!

  • Christie Jamieson

    Love it, the old writing with the white words and black background made is super hard to read and when you looked away from the screen you could see all the script. Good Work :)

  • PixiesBassline

    I was wondering what was “wrong” with the site! It’s totally not working right on my computer. I see the main photo and then the text runs down the left side, in a column that’s about an inch wide! It’s terrible on my end. I’ll try to be patient while I wait for the glitches to be worked out.

    • @PixiesBassline — Can you tell me what kind of browser you’re using? If you don’t mind, shoot me an email at pinkisthenewblog at gmail and I’ll pass the info over to the developers. As many details as possible would be helpful. xo

  • PixiesBassline

    I do like the thumbs up & down buttons. :)

  • rawrkristy

    looove the new layout trent!! it’s so much easier to navigate the site now!

  • Cara

    OMG! I LOVE the new site Trent! It is SO MUCH better than the last one – good work! :)

  • Rachel

    Overall, I love the new look. The only change I don’t like is in “Les News”. On the old site the links used to open in another tab when I clicked on them, so I could “line them up” to read without leaving PITNB. Now, when I click on the link it goes straight to that website, so that I have to use the back button in my browser to get back to PITNB, and then repeat for each story. I use Firefox, if that makes any difference.

    • @Rachel — Links that open in new tabs/windows will return

    • emily

      @ Rachel – so glad you said something! I really enjoyed clicking the links on “Les News” and “lining them up” to read after I was done with PITNB. The direct link and having to press the back button ruins that. I’m so glad Trent says that will be coming back!

      @ Trent – I remember the huzzah created over the ability to leave comments. Change is always hard and you’re handling it really well this time … great improvements, great attitude and great feedback – well done to you and your fabulous team! Go Tiger!

    • @emily — Yes, I’m hoping to have links opening in new tabs/windows soon (ie. this week).

    • emily

      @ Trent – you.rule. Seriously great job handing the kerfuffle around such a big change. Thank you!

  • Niki

    Its quite nice and strangely faster on my PC…but Your trademark was Black and pink! The white background makes it look like the rest of the gossip sites… is definitely going to take me time to get used to this :(

  • Jstar


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    For someone who has been a fan and a loyal reader of your blog for so many years I love when it gets a new look. First that means you are growing LARGER AND LARGER and you have to accomodate the new flow of people. Second, it is like getting a new makeover. It is fun to explore and find out new things on the site. I love it!!!

    • @Mr. Gyllenhaal — Thank you, it means a lot to hear your opinions :)