Madonna’s Parisian Club Concert Will Be Live Streamed TODAY!


For the past couple of months, Madonna — currently on the road with her MDNA World Tour — has been performing concerts in some of the biggest outdoor arenas in Europe but tonight she will be performing an intimate club show at the Olympia theater in Paris, France for a small number of lucky fans. Fortunately, for the rest of us who are not able to be inside the Olympia tonight for the show, Madonna has decided to live stream the entire concert online. Click below to watch the promo video for tonight’s big small show and find out where YOU can tune in to watch Maddy’s intimate club show today.

Following overwhelming demand for tickets to Madonna’s intimate club show scheduled to take place on Thursday, July 26th at the historic Olympia in Paris, the Material Girl has invited her fans around the world to see her performance via a live global stream through LoveLive’s YouTube channel beginning 10:15pm Paris time CEST; 4:15pm ET; 1:15pm PT. There will also be a post stream of the show where the footage can be viewed in its entirety. The show, which was confirmed by Live Nation – Madonna’s MDNA international tour partner – will include songs from the artist’s current album, MDNA, along with her new single, “Turn Up The Radio” as well as several classics. MDNA which was released by Universal Records debuted at No. 1 in over 40 countries. The Olympia, founded in 1888 has been the site of legendary shows by performers such as Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour.

If YOU would like to watch the live stream of this intimate Madonna concert, you can do so by clicking HERE. Honestly, when I heard tickets were going on sale for Madonna at the Olympia, I seriously considered getting tix and flying to Paris for the show. The *only* time I’ve ever done something like that was a couple of years ago for my birthday — my best friend Sarah and I flew to Paris to see Tori Amos at the Olympia. This time around, the Madonna tickets disappeared so quickly that I didn’t even have the option to fly out there ;) Altho it’s not as good as being there in person, I’m excited that we will get to see this concert in full LIVE online. Will you be tuning in?


  • Remy

    People booed after the show.
    45 minutes only ! The concert was shorter than her delay.
    > watch short video people ask for payback

  • Stephan
  • Samantha

    Trent what do you think about the the whole situation between Madonna and Lady Gaga? Of M accusing Gaga of copying ‘Express yourself’ by making ‘Born this way’. I dont think the songs sound alike at all, the message is similar but I think Madonna is being petty. She forgets that she inspires most of these young artists (i.e. – Britney Spears)