Demi Moore Spotted In The CLOSE Company Of A New Man


Awww … lookie, lookie here … is that Demi Moore creepin’ with a new, younger man? I think it iiiiiiiiiiis. As you may recall, we saw photos just a few days ago of Demi’s soon-to-be ex-husband Ashton Kutcher canoodling with his former co-star and reputed “just friend” Mila Kunis at a party here in LA. Many people believed that Demi would be crushed by those photos … it would seem that the concern was unnecessary. According to a new report, Demi has been quietly dating a New Zealand actor named Martin Henderson on the sly … and homie is 12 years younger than her (who some of you diehard Britney Spears fans might recognize). Considering Demi’s apparent love for younger dudes, he sounds perfect for her! Click below to see photos of Demi and Martin together and learn more about the couple’s reported romantic relationship.

Life & Style can exclusively reveal that Demi Moore, 49, has been secretly dating New Zealand-born actor Martin Henderson, who is 12 years her junior. Life & Style has obtained exclusive photos of Demi and her new younger man on a romantic Connecticut getaway. On July 19, Demi and Martin went to lunch at Nine Main Bakery and Deli in New Preston, Conn. “She was in line and a Colbie Caillat song came on — she started singing along and dancing in a playful, flirty way,” shares a fellow diner. After lunch, the two went grocery shopping together, then drove back to the house where they stayed on their vacation. “They were very comfortable with each other,” notes a fellow diner. Three days earlier, they’d enjoyed a lobster dinner at a friend’s house, followed by a two-hour hike at Steep Rock Preserve the next morning. Later that night, Demi and Martin, 37, joined pals for a casual outdoor barbecue. “They just kept chatting and laughing,” reports a guest. Notes another insider who saw the actress on her romantic getaway, “She looked great — chatty, healthy and happy.” Martin, an Australian TV star, appeared in Britney Spears’ steamy “Toxic” video in 2004. He previously dated Phone Booth star Radha Mitchell, with whom he starred in 1999’s Kick.

You know, I thought this guy looked familiar. He’s a bit older but, yeah, he deffo looks like the guy from Britney Spears’s Toxic video. Go on, Demi! There have been a lot of rumors going around about Demi’s behavior since she was released from rehab earlier this year (the saddest report I’ve read maintains that Demi’s daughters have disassociated themselves from her). It’s hard to know what to believe … but seeing that smile on Demi’s face is actually quite nice. Her break-up from Ashton has been tough, no question, so it’s heartening to see her looking happy with a new boyfriend … friend … whatever. It remains to be seen if this relationship will become anything substantial but it’s nice to see that Demi is, at least, trying to move on. I wish her all the best.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Janaegal

    He’s alwas reminded me of Peter Facinelli(I’m sure I butchered that spelling). Demi Moore has seemed a tad bit unstable, even before her breakup. I hope this is a healthy, happy relationship for her.

  • Hampton

    is he the same actor with the same name who was great in bollywood film “bride and Prejudice”?

  • meme

    demi needs to grow up. 50 years old and she’s wearing a hot pink bra under a flimsy tank top? her teeth are ENORMOUS