Beyoncé Posts A Cryptic New Message On Her Official Website


Beyoncé updated her official website with a mysterious new message that is mean, I believe, for her fans. The main focus of this new message is a pretty picture and a request that fans return to the site at a future date to do … something. Click below to find out what Bey wants us to do.

“Leave Your Footprint”, she says. HMMM. That isn’t really much to go by. Some folks believe that Beyoncé is hinting at the release of new material but the message seems to suggest that we, the fans, are meant to interact with the site. My guess is that we will be asked to leave comments, photos, videos, etc. on the site for Bey to use for a possible new … video? I dunno. Come August 19th, tho, we’ll all find out. What do you think Beyoncé‘s message means?