Listen: Lana Del Rey Confirms Her Debut Album ‘Born To Die’ Will Be Re-Released With New Songs


Lana Del Rey invited radio DJ Tim Blackwell from Nova FM in Australia to chat about her first-ever Aussie tour and she managed to share a bit of interesting news along the way. LDR (and her record label, of course) have decided to re-release her debut album Born To Die later this year in a deluxe version that includes up to 7 new songs. Click below to learn more about the NEW version of LDR’s BTD album that is out this NOV.

Lana reveals that this new issue of Born to Die is called the Paradise Edition that will include around 7 new songs that, she says, will put a period on this era of her music. She makes it seem like these songs are newly written (ie. after the release of BTD) but it’s very possible that she will include songs that were recorded for the album but were left off for one reason or another. Unfortunately, the radio interview isn’t available for embedding but you can listen to it in full HERE. It’s a 14 minute long clip but you can hear LDR talking about the forthcoming release of Born to Die: The Paradise Edition at the 12:00 min. mark. I’m pretty sure this will make LDR fans very happy and, to be honest, I’m curious to hear these 7 new songs.