Did Kristen Stweart Really Cheat On Robert Pattinson With A Married Movie Director?


OK … hold on to your hats y’all, especially you Twilighters out there … cuz, apparently, the fabled couple of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may be having some problems. According to the new issue of US Weekly magazine, Kristen allegedly cheated on boyfriend Robert with another man. Shock, I know. Apparently, Kristen was photographed canoodling with 41 year old Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders here in LA. Now, of course, we don’t know for sure if there was actual canoodling to be had but the photo published by US Weekly does seem to support their claim of canoodling. Clutch those pearls, take a deep breath and continue on to take a look at the US Weekly photo below and judge for yourselves.

Robert Pattinson’s biggest fear has been realized. On July 17 in L.A., the 26-year-old actor’s girlfriend and Twilight costar, Kristen Stewart, 22, was caught by photographers in a series of steamy rendezvous with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, 41 — and the new issue of Us Weekly has the exclusive photos and details. Sanders — married to British Vogue model Liberty Ross, 33 — has two children, ages 7 and 5. During his marathon makeout session with Stewart, “it seemed like they couldn’t get enough,” according to one photographer. Reps for both Stewart and Sanders had no comment.

LOL at Robert Pattinson’s biggest fear has been realized … I mean, really? Yes, it’s possible that there was “cheating” going on between Kristen and Rupert but, then again, it’s just as likely that there was no cheating going on at all. Out of context, a photo can look very different from what is really going on. I honestly haven’t given this much thought but I don’t know that I necessarily believe this cheating story. But, out of context or not, this photo does seem to show the couple lookin’ all close. No matter what is really going on, I find it hard to believe that anything of substance will come from this story. It’s interesting that K. Stew and R. Pattz have been out of the pop culture stream of consciousness for some time now and BAM! there are the big story of the day. What do y’all think? Does this story have any teeth to you?


  • Not buying it. Im thinking US has a lack of “cover story” material right now :\

  • Heather

    There are more pics that make it look even worse (given, all of the pictures could be photoshopped). I’m really hoping it’s not true!

    • @Heather — Yeah, the photos do look damning but I doubt they’ve been Photoshopped. It’s very possible that Sanders was just being affectionate without there being any actual cheating. HMMM.

    • ava

      do you think Rob should forgive Kristen?

    • jj

      Trent when you see the entire set of photographs there is really very little doubt that there was cheating going on and it probably wasn’t fleeting either. They are straight up making out in one of the photographs and in the other it looks like ahem he is attending to other parts of her anatomy. It happen she messed up this will blow over. But what happens to the wife who now has to decide whether to stay married to her cheating husband and the children that will be exposed. Also wasn’t there some timing issues with her relationship start with Robert Patterson and Nikki Reed? Was she also not dating Mark someone or another when that was all going down….

    • Casey

      Yep. I’ve seen the scans of the mag with more pictures. They certainly seem rather incriminating. Apparently People magazine and Gossip Cop have published there was something going on as well. I feel bad for everyone involved. Mostly his wife and kids, and Rob who has genuinely seemed to care for her for awhile now.

    • @Casey — IMHO, ‘People’ etc. are all reporting based on the photos … essentially, it seems to me a matter of “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”.

  • Jackie

    It wouldn’t surprise me. I don’t like Kristen at all & Rob can do better. :)

    • Alys

      Agreed. Don’t stay with a cheater.

  • Marie

    I don’t know what to think… I never liked KStew so my judgement is very likely biased. So I won’t judge for now. But the photos DO look bad and the fact that neither party has issued any sort of denial looks worse…

  • Krissy

    I have gotten the feeling in the past that Rob and Kristen had an open relationship (totally a guess), being that they are still younger than 25 I don’t judge them for that. The director is married, though, so that makes the whole situation more ugly.

    No matter what is going on…I feel kind of bad that I find it so entertaining. The picture where he is behind her makes it just seem a little unreal and movie-ish. This just seems so cheesy and dramatic! Perfect for the Twilight fans.

  • Joanna

    I was never fully convinced that these two were all that serious. They constantly denied being a couple in the beginning. The only time the ever confirmed it was when there was a pic of them making out in public that circulated the internet a few months later. Robert Pattinson seems like such a nice down to Earth guy. If this story is to be believed then I feel badly for him. He could have anyone he wants since he’s really good looking and famous and yet he ends up with someone who looks (in a lot of pics) like she couldn’t care less about pretty much everything. I hope they can work things out, but that pic posted above pretty much says it all.

  • Cara

    I don’t know, I think this pic was taken out of context. My first thought was that it looked like he was maybe directing her in a scene…?

  • Akili

    This is going to make for an awkward “Breaking Dawn 2″ press junket!

    In all seriousness, I could believe it either way. The only party I feel any true sympathy for is his wife/kids because affair or no affair, its a pretty humiliating situation to be in.

  • Fabio

    I think the new photos of him kissing her neck are pretty damning… Cheaters make me sick, kinda makes you lose all respect for someone AND your director… Career suicide me thinks

  • nicole

    i dont know, looking at this one picture, i would say it was out of context. but after seeing all the other ones, theres no way to explain them other then the fact that something was going on

  • Amanda

    She’s come out and admitted that they’re real, but is arguing that it was a one time fling, not a long-term thing. I feel worst for the director’s wife and kids.

    • katie

      When did she release the statement? I only saw this inital story.

      That really sucks for his family.

    • katie

      Nevermind! Saw it on People.

  • Kevin

    Judge me if you must (LOL) – but US Weekly is one of the few magazines that “usually” reports fairly accurate reports. I trust PEOPLE first, then US Weekly second, and the rest (such as Life&Style, OK!, InTouch, etc.) are just complete bologna! I do not think they photoshopped this picture. With that being said, they may have this picture and just decided to blow it a little out of proportion. Either way, I totally believe “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” and I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this story!

  • Akili

    She issued a statement. Its true. What a mess!

    • Just a HUGE mess. who gets with a MARRIED man?! its one thing to cheat.. you know, maybe her n robs relationship fizzled n she was just a coward to dump him..i can forgive that..relationships r hard.. BUT with a MARRIED man? ur an idiot, kristen. a real big idiot. so is that douchebag rupert. disgusting. .

  • debra

    For those that still don’t believe. She just released a statement to People Mag apologizing to Rob..not the wife of the Director or his family but Rob.

    anyway she did cheat and the pictures are REAL

  • Alex

    Out of context? Really? What sort of situation can you imagine that doesn’t involve a “romantic” scenario? I seriously doubt that. What would you think about if the guy on the picture was actually your boyfriend, or she was your girl? Look at the body language? Look at her face, look at her ass sticking out trying to make contact with his body, look at her hand on top of his… I wouldn’t even listen to what my boyfriend had to say, the picture speaks for itself. So sorry for Rob, I can make him feel better if he needs some love and tenderness. She’s a freaking bi@tch!!!

  • Tanyalynett

    Must be true if she’s apologizing for it

  • Ariel

    so the saga ends and this fake relationship does too.