Confirmed: Kristen Stewart Issues A Statement Apologizing For Cheating On Robert Pattinson [UPDATE]


Earlier today the world was ROCKED by a report that Twilight star Kristen Stewart cheated on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson with an older married man. Just moments ago, K. Stew CONFIRMED that she cheated on Rob with the very married 41 year old director Rupert Sanders (who she worked with on Snow White and the Huntsman). As you may recall, photos of Kristen canoodling with Sanders came to light in the pages of US Weekly magazine and now we know the truth from Kristen herself. Dang. Click below to read the full text of K. Stew’s mea culpa statement. UPDATE: Rupert Sanders has also issued an official statement/apology which you can also read in full below.

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”

And there you have it … she got busted and now she’s fessing up. Honestly, while it sucks for Robert Pattinson that his lady cheated on him, I feel worse for Sanders’s wife and children. Whatever was going on with Kristen and Rob, they were merely dating … Sanders was the one who violated his marriage vows in this scenario. Tho, it should be noted that Kristen never named names so we have to assume that the “momentary indiscretion” she is referring to occurred with Rupert Sanders. HMMM. In any event, I suppose it’s commendable that Kristen confessed her behavior but … yeah, she did a shady thing by creepin’ with that married man. Tho, let’s be clear, the fault lies squarely on Sanders’s shoulders for the violation of his marriage. HMMM. I honestly didn’t buy these cheating claims so, yeah, I’m kind of surprised. How about you?

UPDATE: Following Kristen’s lead, Rupert Sanders has also issued a mea culpa statement of his own:

“I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family. My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together.”

Pray hard, dude. This is such a mess … OY!

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  • Cupcake

    TOTALLY surprised!

  • Jenna

    Blown away that she actually confessed. I didn’t think she’d ever even publically confessed to actually being in a relationship with Rob to begin with. Craziness.

  • Ama

    Yeah, she’s sorry she got caught but then neither of them were smart to be displaying such affection in a public area, especially since both are recognized in the public. Not that smart.

    But, doubt she’s sorry about the actual relationship because if she was she wouldn’t have done it in the first place.

  • Vicky

    She probably should have kept it a private matter. Publicly apologizing just brings more hurt and embarrassment to everyone in this situation.

    • Shavonne

      I agree Vicky. Plus, the whole apology is really awkward-she’s such a private person normally that this feels forced and strange.

  • kel

    dude, i get that it is sad that rob got totally cheated on and i feel bad for the guy, but this man’s WIFE has to see these pics! his CHILDREN will see them one day. i could honestly care way less about the twilight people than i do about this woman and the violation of her trust. i hope she takes him for everything he is worth. pig.

  • Shannon

    She and the director are both assholes. No one forces you to be in a relationship or married. In either one its implied that you dont go fucking people half and/or twice your age. If you want out then get out. In the words of Wil Wheaton “don’t be a dick”

  • Lissa

    I think it says a lot about her that she didn’t even bother to apologize to Sander’s wife and children. I know she wasn’t the one who was married but it takes a special kind of person to get involved with a married man. A family is torn apart now, it’s just so sad. I’m sure Rob is devistated but he will pick up the peices and move on. I don’t think it will be so easy for Sander’s family.

  • Two partners (and two kids) have been betrayed so both are to blame. One is not more guilty or more to blame than the other. After all, it takes two to tango.

    • @Kent — I dunno that I necessarily agree with that. In the end, cheating is cheating. Period. But, the only person responsible for breaking one’s marriage vows is the married person involved in the cheating. Sure you can blame the “other” woman or man (and people will lay blame, overwhelmingly on the other woman) but the person who broke the vow is the ONLY person to blame in the break-up of a marriage.

    • Krissy

      I agree with Trent. Not saying that what Kristen did wasn’t wrong, but ultimately the responsibility to uphold the marriage vows lies with the person IN the marriage.

    • helen

      @Trent – I get what you’re saying, that KS did not have any responsibility towards the wife and kids, it’s his marriage, his responsibility, his vows that were broken. But in the end, it still says a lot about her that she did not care about being involved in the breaking of a marriage. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that I contributed in some way in the breaking of a family. You don’t creep around with a married guy EVEN LESS with a married guy with kids, EVEN LESS if it was a “heat of the moment thing” and you don’t even have the “I am hopelessly inlove with him” excuse. It’s just wrong.

      P.S. I’m not even going to state the obvious about that man.

    • Krissy

      Helen, you can’t assume that he was honest with KS. Many men (sadly) misrepresent their status. Guys use lines like, “We are done, but we pretend to stay together for the kids”, or “we are separated, in the process of a divorce”, etc. alllllllll of the time.

    • darcy

      Ugh. Yes. This.

      As a dumb 20-year old I dated a man I knew was married because he told me that he and his wife had an open relationship and it was totally cool with her. I knew a couple of people who did have that kind of relationship so I believed it and had a very big wake-up call when I realized she was definitely NOT okay with it.

      Some guys are scum, but I got over it knowing that it was all on him – it was his marriage he was dishonoring.

      I also really like that KS did a public apology – It feels like she’s trying to humble herself by admitting that she was wrong publicly – almost like a public shaming to make amends.

    • vintage

      darcy, i experienced the exact same thing too. the only reason i got into a relationship with a married man one time was because he told me that they were in an open relationship, that the only reason they got married was because the girl got pregnant. after years apart, they finally met up again and because he wanted to be with his daughter, they decided to get married (in order to live under the same roof, muslims need to be legally married). which of course, i found out later that that was not the case, and i was painted as the “bad guy” by the wife when she found out. men can be such scums. greedy scumbags.

  • katie

    I’m glad she at least had the guts to admit that she was wrong but she really needs to be apologizing to his wife & kids.

    Man, the Twilight press tour is going to be awkward!

  • Meghan

    What a stupid, stupid girl. This is just a terrible situation all around. Sander is married and even though Kristen and Rob are just dating they do live together and, presumably, have built a life together. I feel terrible for both Rob and Sander’s wife. It’s a shame that this brought into the public eye. But, seriously, who conducts an affair in a car when one of those persons is constantly being followed by the paps????

  • lex

    Does anyone know where to see the scanned photos from the magazine?

    • @lex — You can see them in the pages of US Weekly magazine.

  • Casey

    IMO the statement released was to save face from the Twilight fandom. I really hope the statement was sincere. Twilight is a multi-million dollar machine. Executives are probably scrambling to find a way to “save” BD-part 2 promotion now.

  • Alyssa

    They’re about to do a huge press tour for BD part 2. Either she really screwed up or this is a genuis press move. If anything, the awkward poses with RP on the red carpet will be hilarious (as if she couldn’t get more awkward).

    • Vicky

      There is nothing hilarious about this situation. Lives have been ruined.

    • Danielle

      Take the stick out — it’s gonna be funny.

    • Alys

      There’s a woman with two young children who was humiliated and betrayed by this. It’s not very funny. Having been in that situation myself sans kids, I have a lot of sympathy.

  • Jules

    How much stuttering did her publicist have to edit out of her apology?
    She is such a bad actress! Can we just be done with her now? Seriously.

  • Sabrina

    I completely agree with you Trent, that Sander’s is squarely at fault he is the one that violated his marriage. I do believe that KS should have blame placed on her too, because she did know he had a family at home.

    I feel bad for both Sander’s wife & Rob, to have someone you love violate your trust & relationship is a horrible feeling.

    The Twilight press tour is going to be beyond awkward!

  • Bradywantsmoore

    She didn’t apologize to the wife, she doesn’t need to SHE didn’t cheat on her that was his ass like someone else said it takes two! She apologized to Rob, publicly hopefully to show him she really is sorry. Everyone fucks up… But I gotta say I was shocked.

  • Claire

    While I agree that the director is more of an ahole in this case (married w/ kids), SHE also knew exactly what she was doing & there is no excuse for it. Shes a homewrecking scumbag. Thank Jeebus Ive never been a fan of her crap to begin with.

    -Coming from a married mother who was in the same position

    • Krissy

      I said this above, but thought it applies here too. You can’t assume that he was honest with KS. Many men (sadly) misrepresent their status. Guys use lines like, “We are done, but we pretend to stay together for the kids”, or “we are separated, in the process of a divorce”, etc. alllllllll of the time.

    • Lisbeth Slander

      Yeah, the ring on his finger doesn’t really imply marriage or anything like that. Give me a break.

      Either way she KNEW he was married. Who cares what he or she said or did to make it right in their eyes?

      One ting is certain, she certainly didn’t get the job based on her acting prowess.

    • Alys

      His wife was -in- Snow White and the Huntsman as K.Stew’s mother, wasn’t she? Given how close casts are when they’re working on a movie, I cannot for the life of me fathom how she didn’t know they were together and how she thought canoodling a married man would be okay.

      Blame goes 50/50, no matter what she might have been told. She was in a relationship, supposedly, and even if he was “on the rocks,” SHE had no bearing being in his arms.

  • Claire

    Also, I highly doubt any of this nonsense will bother the teenagers/fans of that garbage.

  • WOW! Well Im surprised, I honestly didn’t believe the story. I was so wrong. I feel bad for the married guy’s family. Broken families are sad, the kids are going to suffer the most. The same thing happened to me many years ago and my daughter and I went through some rough times after my ex cheated and left with another woman, it’s rough on everyone. I am re-married now (MANY years later) took me a long time to be able to learn to trust again. I am the happiest I’ve been in years, I hope that this wife can eventually find the same happiness!

  • Al

    Am i the only one who thought that Rob/Kristen relationship was bogus in the first place…i still feel that way, and doubt Rob doesn’t care one way or the other

    feel sad for Kristen though, she’s already not that well liked and has probably pissed off a twilight fandom, better watch her back

  • Ben@pr

    At least the hardcore fans of Twilight will know KS is no Bella Swan because she’s human and make stupid mistakes like the rest of us. Kudos to her for accepting her mistake publicly and I hope the wrath of Rob’s fans won’t be upon her.
    I didn’t know that because you are not married the brake of a relationship is less worse than that of a married couple either with kids or not. A break up is a break up and the pain of it is directly proportionate to the love you feel for the person that betrayed you and not because you are married.
    KS failed to Rob and the Director guy failed to his wife.

  • Karen

    It’s awful that she cheated on her boyfriend, and especially with a married man who has kids. Her actions are her responsibility, of course. That said, he is over 40 years old and by then everyone has had to deal with being tempted and choosing not to give in. He did this because he could. It is so selfish of him, so disrespectful of his wife and children.

    As for her, well, hopefully she’ll learn from it. I didn’t quite realize how young she is and that she’s been with Rob since she was maybe 18. Personally, I never cheated on a boyfriend even when I was her age, because I didn’t want to be someone who cheated and I didn’t want to hurt my boyfriend. But I made other mistakes, and hopefully over time you learn how to be more kind, respectful and compassionate and less selfish in relationships.

  • marcus_em

    This has Kardashian PR stunt written allllll over it ! but then again I can’t see the plus side to it.. maybe bring twilight back into the forefront of the headlines? i don’t know just seems super sketchy to me .. who the effff cheats on r patz btw? like he is edward effing cullen.. dumb ass

  • @Trent – Whoops, I’m sorry, my mistake… I didn’t see the “for the violation of his marriage” part that you wrote. I initially thought you meant only he was responsible for what he and KS did, but yes – I completely agree with you, the one who broke the vow is the one to blame for violating their marriage.
    Most of all though, I feel terrible for their kids. They are going to suffer the most from this betrayal.

    @Jules – LOL! re: “How much stuttering did her publicist have to edit out of her apology?”

  • Vicky

    If they are meant to be together, Rob will forgive her. They are really young and unfortunately have to be going through this in the spotlight will make it all the more difficult for them to deal with as a couple.

  • Joan

    I don’t know if it makes much difference, but… Did Kristen confessed before or after the news broke out? I read somewhere that US Mag contacted Rob’s people on Monday to let them know they were going to run the story, and that’s what prompted the confession. Also, it’s not like Kristen didn’t know Rupert Saunders’ wife. Liberty Ross played Snow White’s mom in Snow White & The Hunstman. She was IN the very same movie. On set. That’s EXTREMELY effed up.

    I don’t know. The “she’s young, people make mistakes, Rupert is the married one” can only get her so far… They are very shady things surrounding this entire story.

    Both Robert and Kristen went out of their to avoid media attention and THIS HAPPENS?! It’s like out of a freaking Twilight Zone!

    • Yes, Joan, this was definitely something WAY out of the “Twilight” Zone. LOL!

    • Christy

      OMG!!! the wife was IN the movie!?!?! and worst she played her MOM!!! WOW!! those two where so messed up!

    • Joan, SO glad you shared this. Of course it was Rupert’s job to respect his wife and his marriage, but Kristen knew what it was. AND– as you point out– had some type of relationship with his wife because of the nature of the film. She had an obligation to her as well (and yeah, obviously to Robert). In my judgy-ass opinion, that is.

    • Danielle

      …but how do we know they were happily married? We are not these people — we have NO IDEA what goes on in their personal lives. I know people despise KStew for, IMO, really superficial reasons but to assume she willingly engaged in this with the mentality that they were happily married? She was around the couple. You weren’t. As someone else said, guys feed lies about their marriages. If Rupert was lying to her and her experiences with the couple matched what he was saying….

      Both are guilty. Just remember, you don’t know the full story.

    • Joan

      I think everyone under this post agrees that both are to blame.

  • Courtney

    Part of me thinks that she did this to publicly apologize to Rob. Wonder if they are trying to work things out?

    and yeah this totally caught me by surprise!!

  • Lauri

    It’s crazy that she’d issue a response like this considering how private her and Rob have been up to this point. I mostly hope that Rupert Sanders had come clean to his family before this was published so they wouldn’t have found out from a magazine cover!

    • Meghan

      It’s hard to keep things private when the pictures are there for all to see. Kristen couldn’t deny it at that point.

    • Joan

      Apparently that wasn’t the case. Neither for Rob nor Liberty. Apparently, they learned the news when the magazine called to let them know they were going to run the story. Apparently, she tweeted the word “WOW” last night, then “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” before deleting her Twitter account.

      Messed up and shady to no end.

    • cmc

      My completely uninformed opinion is that he’s probably not talking to her. Shoot, I wouldn’t if I were him. Her statement screams “Rob, please forgive me!” and I can smell the desperation from here. Sad.

  • nicoleeee

    What dogs.

  • Pumpkin

    Shame on both of them. She knew full well that whatshisface is a married man with children, so that means hands off. As for him, he let the little head do the thinking for the big head, and should have thought about his”beautiful wife and heavenly children” before hopping into bed with her.

  • Krissy

    Just got to say…most likely they did, but I dont’ think we should assume they were sexin. It is very possible that it was just a make out session. Not very likely,but possible.

  • jnel

    She’s lame. Good for her. & whatshisface’s wife must feel really stupid right about now.. all i know is.. it takes two to tango & it’s not hard to say no if she really “loves” RP then she woulda kept her legs shut. Im just glad it wasn’t Chris Hemsworth! :)

  • Heather

    I feel pretty bad for Kristen in all of this. Yes, she made a stupid mistake that was hurtful to Rob, but I think the repurcussions for her over the years to come will far outweigh the crime. Nobody will ever let her forget this and move on. Look at Chris Brown…

    • @Heather — Um, no. In 3 months, no one will care about this indiscretion. On the other hand, I hope that people never forget the disgusting crime that CB committed and got away with.

    • lauren

      Trent: you are so right! Thank you for pointing out that she is really getting blamed for this, and he was the married father here.

    • LaToya

      Agreed Trent! I yelled at a DJ in a club once for playing his music….don’t care if I sounded cray cray….

    • Krissy

      I agree Trent. Cheating on a boyfriend when you are 22 and domestic violence are in completely different leagues.

    • Paul

      I suspect you are incorrect. Unless they fail to go ahead with Snow White and the Huntsman II, then this indiscretion will probably get mentioned at every press conference or interview for that movie.

    • LaToya, you rule. NO SPINS!

  • Sandy

    Man, I can’t wait for the press tour for Breaking Dawn Part 2.

  • kendra

    Ok..I’m definitely not a Twilight fan or really a huge fan of either Kristen or Rob, but this news has made me sad! I think it’s because I liked that they were so private..Made it seem more legit or something..I’d like to see them work it out, but being cheated on must be hard enough..Can’t imagine what it’s like in such a public forum..Ooof..Must be awful for the mates of these cheating bastards!

  • Sfmom

    First of all – what a douche. “heavenly kids”? You certainly weren’t thinking of your heavenly kids and wife when you were banging a 20 yr old. I think that kind of apology would make me hate him even more.
    And as for kstew – man…she’s really really young to have earned herself this kind of reputation. It’s true, she’ll never be allowed to forget it and maybe that’s not fair…but she should have thought about that before she cheated and played homewrecker.
    I cannot understand why women screw men. Such a huge betrayal all around. Really really sad.

  • Wicked_Sandwich

    Ummm am I the only one here not “shocked” about this? She had a long time bf when she started filming Twilight and denied and denied she was fooling about with Robert,but everyone knew something was up then the bf vanishes…Now shes done it again and has been caught outright. I do not feel sorry for her. Period. You make a decision and when youre this high profile you should know someone will always find out. If i was Robert I’d move on because she’ll probably cheat again. She should take a hiatus and get some acting lessons…Just saying…

    • Tracy

      LOL! Agreed!

  • eca

    both are to blame. you can’t just blame the guy because he’s married and has kids. she’s an adult and fully understands these concepts. wasn’t she and rob talking about having kids b/c they played parents in the last movie?

    it’s a shame all around.

  • silly


  • Rebecca

    I agree mostly with what Karen has said. It’s easy to point the finger and cast blame. They have admitted their mistakes and publicly apologised for their actions. Maybe they did make these statements because they felt they had to but it’s irrelevant. Who’s to say it hasn’t or wouldn’t have been discussed privately?

    I understand why it makes ‘good’ news. But truly I hate that it makes the news. I appreciate that these people choose to make a living in front of the public eye, but I seem to be one of few that believes everyone is entitled to a private life. It’s non of my business if they did or didnt have an affair, just like its non of my business what my neighbour does.

    They have made mistakes and hurt people but I hope we’re not all defined by our mistakes. What a sad world that would be.

  • Lisa

    Well they say asa rumor in holywwod in order to make it in hollywood you most likly would have to sleep your way to the top! This just makes that rumor seem more realistic Seriously I like the Twilight series but honestly I always felt especially after seeing snowwhite and the huntsman that Kristen cannot act! She has oe emotionless expresion always in any role… just seems like the same character…. or just a very dull personality. If it wasn’t for a really good storyline in Twilight and other great actors the movies would have bombed!

  • jenn

    my favorite part of this post is ‘pray hard, dude’.

  • Beth

    I don’t, and probably never will, understand why we must put more blame on one person. They are both adults, both knew what was at stake, and both chose to go ahead with it. It doesn’t matter to me who initiates the affair because to accept the proposal is equally low, cruel and unforgivable. I do consent that Rupert had more to lose, but to say that he’s the one to blame makes it out to seem that he forced himself upon Kristen.

  • nicole

    this makes the quote Rob gave to Vanity Fair about cheating seem really sad.

    Kristen & Rupert are both assholes.

  • Mumzy

    Welp! Choices, choices… Sanders’s wife and Pattinson have a few choices of their own. It’s sad when this happens. :(

  • Ben@pr

    What if KS and Rob’s romance was fake? I don’t like them as actors and could care less about their romance and all this seems so unlikely to happen. Was their romance a PR stunt a la TomKat or like John Travolta’s marriage? And maybe they wanted to end it all before it was too late ending up like the aforementioned couples?

  • JJ

    Does anyone else find Kstew to be mind-numbingly stupid? Why anyone would pay her millions of dollars to “act” is beyond me. That stunned expression she always wears, and her inability to string a simple sentence together… The list goes on.
    How to heck did she manage to snag Rob AND now a married guy? It can’t be her looks, and lord knows she doesn’t have a winning personality.

    This whole situation is just sad and disgusting. Both parties should feel deeply ashamed. I personally think a public apology is worth nothing. What does it do? Lessen their guilt slightly? I hope both of them take some time, and truly think about what they have done. Learn from it, and never do it again.

    • Leilani

      This chick is a trip man…forrealz. I mean let’s just keep it real. The only thing KS is sorry about is the fact her ass got CAUGHT! It’s ridic. She’s only trying to save face with these psychotic(and I use the term lovingly of course *rolls eyes)twilight fans that live thru her and Rob’s quote un quote EPIC ROMANCE. And her pr team!! R u kidding me!! This fool realllllly fucked up with this whole scandal that she can’t even afford in the first place cuz she’s already generally NOT WELL LIKED with the general public to begin with. What I’m actually curious to see is if Pattinson will release some sort of statement as well….Hmmmm I doubt it, since he’s never publically confirmed the relationship to begin with. TBH KS’s statement is neither remorseful nor sincere. But I didn’t expect it to be…her being such a HORRENDOUS actress and all.

    • Eva

      A HOE, IS A HOE, IS A HOE. I mean, isn’t that how her relationship with that Pattinson dude started? With her cheating on her boyfriend she was with at THAT time. LOL

    • Tracy

      Totally agree with you all. If the paz never got the proof Kristen would have went on with her life and told Rob nothing. She may claim to love Rob but she doesn’t…If you love someone the last thing you would do is cheat on them. I knew it was a matter of time, but I don’t see things working out between Rob and Kristen…Face it if she cheated there was something wrong with their relationship to begin with.

      The director Rupert is an ass how could he do this to his family? His wife play Kristen’s mother in SWATH. Now I guess we know how Kristen got the SW part. We all know she can’t act.

      I have to chuckle a little I heard the walling screaming cries from all the crazy Twilight Fans or Robsten as they were called. Now what….is she still Epic, the best actress ever, the most beautiful? LOL!

      Seriously! people have lost their damn minds over this they are saying Kristen is getting death threats on twitter. Really people???? Really????

  • Casey

    I’m not sure why I’m going to say this, but I’m going to anyway. What they did was really horrible, but I have admit I’m slightly impressed that they both just fessed up and apologized. It just seems to be like that’s a rare thing among celebrities, to be contently honest like that.

    • nicole

      i wouldnt be impressed. they only fessed up because there was photo evidence that they couldnt deny.

  • Ariel

    publicity stunt!! just like brad angelina and jennifer. so that way that fake relationship could end. why people haven’t get used to this brangelina-jen, madonna vs gaga, this guys etc

  • Lashes2004

    This is just such a sad situation all around. As someone whose been cheated on there is almost nothing worse in the whole world then that horrendous, heart-breaking feeling in the pit of your stomach that u feel like ur never going to escape. I hope for all parties involved that lessons were learned & that lying & cheating on the ones u love is never something that u wanna be a part of. But on the other hand, we are ALL human & we make mistakes. Sometimes huge life-altering mistakes, but that does not ultimately define us. Its what we do after & how we learn & grow that helps build our character.

    Side-Note: Was it just me,or does anyone else remember reading more than one article that ”quoted” friends of KStew that said she loves & trusts Rob but they have a understanding that if he were ever dumb enough to ruin what they have together by cheating then she’d drop him in a second? Or when she said that she couldnt wait for ”someone to really *eff her over so she could know what it feels like not to have everything shes wants.” Im thinking that someone is realy regretting both of those statements right about now:-(

  • hapacalgirl

    Didn’t she initially cheat on her last long term boyfriend with rob when they were shooting twilight, why is anyone surprised that she cheated once again while filming? Obviously more blame should be on the man considering he is married with kids but kristen is deinitely no angel . I just feel bad for his wife and for Rob.

  • PetaF

    The kids, wife and Rob are who I feel for. How awful.

    Though I’d pay to see Kstews face when she found out she had been caught out with photographic evidence!!

  • Luna

    this only confirms my belief that Robert and me are meant to be together!

    *dusts on more powder on face in case he appears at my door

  • Rebecca

    Luna – I take it back, yours is the best comment here! Lol

  • Amanda M

    Johnny Depp said it best:
    “if you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.”

  • JCZ

    Great way to gain publicity. I don’t buy this one bit. For someone so private and very vocal about staying private she would’ve ignored the press and dealt with the matter privately.

    Oh that’s right, Breaking Dawn is coming up. I forgot!

    I don’t condone cheating – but I also don’t condone being vocal and opinionated about others relationships, especially people we don’t even know.

    • @JCZ — LOL. I get that people are always very suspicious of high profile stories like this but I do not believe for one second that anyone would fake an affair that might destroy a marriage just for publicity.

  • Meagan

    I will never ever understand how someone can say they love someone more than anything and that they are the most important person in the world to them, and then turn around and cheat on them.

  • Ben@pr

    I don’t buy this scandal 100% but it might have some truth about it. It’s “Hollyweird” after all. The following link is about a word that many people have thought about it but at least in this blog I haven’t read it.

  • Kate

    She’s scum. He’s scum (rupert). How can a human being be so duplicitous? Why is sneaking aroun behind the back of someone who trusts you so appealing to people? Why is someone else’s potential hurt so erotic? This behaviour is such a sickness.

  • johnny

    I am a bit late on this train (mostly because I could not care less) but because I was so bored this morning I had a look at the photos of the “cheaters” and I am pretty sure that either one of them knew they were photographed.