Chick-Fil-A Responds To Getting Dumped By The Jim Henson Company By Bold Face LYING To Their Customers


A few days ago I shared that The Jim Henson Company decided to cut ties with Chick-Fil-A because of their flagrant and disgustingly public homophobia. The Henson Company had teamed up with CFA to produce Muppets toys for their childrens meals … instead, Henson decided to pull their toys and donate money instead to GLAAD. So how does CFA choose to respond to this action by The Jim Henson Company? Why, they LIE to their customers. CFA is claiming that the reason they can no longer offer Muppets toys is because of a “safety recall”. Despite the company’s insistence that they are a “Christian company” based on Godly values, they seem to be engaged in the frequent practice of very un-Christianlike behavior.

Just one day after the Jim Henson Co. announced that it did “not wish to partner with them on any future endeavors” due to Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy’s admission that he was “guilty as charged” when it comes to his Christian stance on the definition of marriage, the fast-food company announced a “voluntary recall” of all Jim Henson Creature Shop Puppet Kids Meal toys. Coincidence? A Chick-fil-A spokesperson to Business Insider, “Chick-fil-A voluntarily withdrew the Jim Henson kids meal toys nationwide because of a potential safety concern. This is unrelated to the Jim Henson announcement.” The recall sign reads:

“We apologize for any inconvenience but as of 7/19/2012 Chick-fil-A has voluntarily recalled all of the Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Puppet Kids Meal toys due to a possible safety issue. Please be advised that there have not been any cases in which a child has actually been injured, however there have been some reports of children getting their fingers stuck in the holes of the puppets. We are offering a substitution of a complimentary kids Icedream cone in its place until a replacement toy is available. Thank you.”

The picture is at the top of Reddit under the heading, “Apparently Chick-Fil-A thinks lying is a Christian value.”

OOOOOH! But the lying gets even WORSE! After a user on Facebook called out CFA for this action, a mysterious new Facebook user chimed in to argue in favor of CFA’s behavior as if they were just another customer. It turns out that this CFA fan was likely someone involved with the company who created a fake Facebook account to pretend to be “just another customer”:

LOL!! So busted! Tho, naturally, CFA is denying any involvement with this Facebook thing. I guess only God knows the truth.

In other news, following in the lead taken by the mayor of Boston who has decided to DENY homophobic CFA from opening a store in his city, an alderman in Chicago, IL is also working to ban the restaurant from opening there as well:

The latest wrinkle in Chick-fil-A’s anti-gay marriage saga is taking place in Chicago, where an alderman has announced he will block the chain’s efforts to build its second restaurant in the city because of the company’s anti-gay stance. “You have the right to say what you want to say, but zoning is not a right,” Alderman Proco “Joe” Moreno said according to The Chicago Tribune’s Hal Dardick. Dardick adds that Moreno, who has already blocked plans for a Wal-Mart in the past, is “relying on a rarely violated Chicago tradition known as aldermanic privilege, which dictates that City Council members defer to the opinion of the ward alderman on local issues.” For now, it looks like Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood will be Chick-fil-A free. “In opposing Chick-fil-A, Moreno stakes out a position likely to resonate in his hipster ward and much of the rest of the city, where public officials have long cultivated the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community,” Dardick adds, though we’re not sure how “hipster neighborhood” is synonymous with gay rights, but if equality is hip, then we’ll take it. As NBC Chicago notes, Moreno’s got Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s backing as the mayor was quoted as saying, “Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values.”

By letting homophobic companies know that they are unwelcome in civilized society, the hope is that they may change their ways. As sad as it may be, it’s unlikely that this kind of hateful behavior will be changed but at the very least the company is getting hit where it hurts — in the pocketbook. Naturally, people are free to eat wherever they like … they are free to spend their money how ever they choose. But I, as a former fan of CFA, am so thoroughly disgusted by the brashness of their hatred that I couldn’t fathom giving the company a penny more. Sadly, these kinds of close-minded and sad people will continue to hate and they will continue to hide behind religion to do so … but I think it’s very important to make their actions known. If they truly believe in God’s judgement, I wonder how they will explain the ease with which they hate their fellow man.

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  • Freakinfatone

    I’m curious how the poster who caught this managed to find the model’s picture so fast. That was some super detective work.

    • @Freakinfatone — Honestly, it’s pretty easy to find stock photo images with just a few search queries.

  • krib

    I dont see how this company is avoiding major employment discrimination lawsuits. I know none of the news is dealing with employment, but seriously, if they have these homophobic views they must affect their hiring practices!

    • Elin

      That’s the thing, they aren’t homophobic and they do not discriminate in their employment or who they serve. All of this crap is being spread wide because the media continues to twist a line in an interview. “Guilty as charged.” If anyone in the media actually bothered to quote the real interview without trying to bias the entire nation against a company who doesn’t fall into their political beliefs or personal beliefs, they’d have posted the fact that the quote was guilty as charged for supporting traditional families, NOT being anti-gay. But of course the liberal media doesn’t want anyone to know what was actually said and they want to perpetuate the lies that are being broadcast against Chick-fil-a. The only thing that Chick-fil-a has done wrong here is uphold their beliefs and views and they are being persecuted for it. Yes, they donated funds to organizations that support traditional families and educate the public, but that is no different then other companies that might donate to organizations that donate to support anything they wish, including pro-gay organizations.

    • @Elin — They are homophobic if they help fund homophobic, anti-gay organizations.

  • Courtney

    I don’t agree with Chick-Fil-A’s position on this matter, but I’m not going to stop eating there. There are so many companies that utilize overseas child labor to make their products and lots of companies that perform animal testing on their products. My point is, all corporations do or say things I don’t agree with. Unless I plan on making all of my own food, clothes, and make-up, I just have to take it with a grain of salt.

    • @Courtney — I guess it all comes down to a matter of conscience. I, personally, cannot in good faith support a company that confirms their blatant homophobia with the flippant response, “Guilty as Charged”. If a restaurant puts up signs that read, “Whites Only” I’m certain there are people out there who would still do business there, as well. There are countless companies out there who do not use child labor, who do not test on animals and who do not blatantly engage in homophobic practices — those are the kinds of places that should be supported.

    • Courtney

      I would also like to point out, Urban Outfitters, Exxon-Mobil, the Salvation Army, Dominos Pizza and Wal-Mart also donate money to anti-gay causes, but no one seems to be saying anything about any of them. I know that in the past, Target and Best Buy have each donated to anti-gay causes as well. I’m wondering if people are imposing such strict bans on all of these corporations as well.

      Again, I am a Christian, and as such, I think humans have no right to impose themselves or their beliefs on others. It’s all about loving one another and treating one another with respect, regardless of sexual preference, race, gender, or anything else. I definitely think that it’s not up to any of us to judge one another…that is God’s job and His alone. I think gays are entitled to the same rights as everyone else…so I’m definitely not trying to say anything negative about anyone in the gay community (or their rights) by posting here. Just expressing my opinion, that is all.

    • Elin

      Trent, I’m appalled with you. Did you even go read the actual article? The response ‘guilty as charged’ was in support of traditional families, NOT being homophobic. I think I’ve lost a good deal of respect for what you ‘report’ on your website. You’re perpetuating lies that are being spread and perpetuated by the media who has twisted three words and taken them out of context, blazing them across headlines to prejudice this country against a company that hires equally and does not discriminate in either their hiring or in who they serve and welcome into their store. Stop eating there if you wish, we all have the right to do so, but get your facts straight first, or did you but still decided to spread the lies because you couldn’t take the words for what they really were and had to twist them to suit your preferences? I have nothing against anyone who is gay, straight, bi or anything else (except pedophiles) but if the gay and gay supportive community is going to do something like this, I take issue with it. I’ve heard August 1st is going to be Chick-fil-a day, you bet your ass I’ll be there at least once, hopefully twice within the same day to show this company my support for them through this media persecution.

      And as far as my state capital’s mayor deciding not to allow Chick-fil-a into Boston, that’s a travesty for our state and I think its clearly a popularity play to try and get they gay votes within our state. Chick-fil-a belongs in Massachusetts, in New England, in every state and hopefully every country within this world. I’m proud to support a company that strives to provide the best service to every person who comes into their restaurants, to hire and support their employees, and to operate under Christian values and beliefs.

    • @Elin — I’m sorry you feel that way but, of course, you are free to do so.

    • Bethany

      I 100% agree with you, Courtney! It’s basically impossible to find a company whose decisions you agree with 100%. I know people who have worked at different Chick-fil-As and had gay co-workers (some of whom were owners of that particular location) , who were treated with equal respect in their workplace. Additionally, boycotting chick-fil-a will adversely affect the individual owners before it would ever affect Dan Cathy.

      Though I would like to point out that it would be unconstitutional for the mayors and aldermen of Boston and Chicago to deny Chick-fil-A building permits because of Dan Cathy’s opinions.

    • Susan

      100% agree with you ladies. Couldn’t have said it better.

    • superjosh


      Actually, many people have many bad things to say about the companies you listed. I think it is a matter of conscience and everyone has their limits. Whenever I learn that a company’s morals are blatantly in conflict with mine, I try to stop my business there when possible. It’s hard to avoid something like Exxon-Mobil and other commodities type companies, but I definitely do not, and have not for years, gone to a Wal-Mart, Urban Outfitters, and Dominoes (or any fast food chain for that matter) for YEARS.

    • Karen

      @superjosh – Same here. Exactly.

  • LA Lola

    “Stand for something or you will fall for anything. Today’s mighty oak is yesterday’s nut that held its ground.”

    You have to draw the line sometimes, somewhere. I, too, used to love CFA, but can’t continue to help fund the hate propoganda.

    I love that FB posting, genius!

  • Ashley

    I hope they never open in the state of Michigan! I wanted to try a Chick-Fil-A because of Trent’s past postings. Found out that they hated the LBGT community, no thank-you.

  • Rebecca

    It is so satisfying to see that FB post calling them out on their falseness. I know as consumers we are being duped all the time, but it’s nice to see the blatant lie exposed here. Plenty of other places sell good chicken, anyway, without a side of hate.

  • Krissy

    Just when you think they couldn’t get any lower…

    No dignity.

  • Bethany

    As much as I one million times want to support what these mayors are doing, and will never eat Chick-Fil-A again, I don’t see this as anything more than political pandering. Namely, I don’t see how they can get away with denying a restaurant permits to open in a city while allowing substantially similar restaurants to open in the same location.

    Quite frankly, what they’re doing, while seemingly quite noble, is discrimination. It’s the same (obviously not on the same scale though) as not allowing a KKK protest or prohibiting a mosque from opening. Denying someone the right to do business because of their beliefs is wrong, even when their beliefs are so so so incredibly wrong and stupid. True acceptance would be letting their dumb asses open up more restaurants, only to have to close them because no one will frequent the stores.

    • ella

      “Quite frankly, what they’re doing, while seemingly quite noble, is discrimination. It’s the same (obviously not on the same scale though) as not allowing a KKK protest or prohibiting a mosque from opening. Denying someone the right to do business because of their beliefs is wrong”

      Actually, no. Zoning is NOT a right, like free speech or freedom of religion. These cities have every right to deny zoning to a company for many reasons, including that their values are not appropriate for where they want to set up.

      If a hardcore sex toy/porn store wanted to open up in between a Toys R Us and a Kid’s Books on the main shopping street in a city, do you think the city has to let them? (Hint: they don’t.)

    • Bethany

      I agree with you on that front, but the point is that regardless of the beliefs of the owner of the company, what the company does is sell fried chicken. If the city allows a KFC or any other company that sells fried chicken into the area, then their argument that they disagree with what the company provides – it’s very different from a porn store in that regard. To me it’s on par with denying Walmart a permit but allowing an Ollie’s or a Big Lots or something similar – it just doesn’t make logical sense.

      While what the owner of the company believes is hateful and wrong, there’s little evidence to show that those beliefs affect the day-to-day operations of the business, which to me shows that denying the company the right to do business in an area is wrong.

  • Louigi12

    @Courtney – Consumers making informed decisions DO know about the homophobic views of Urban Outfitters, the Salvation Army, et. al., and don’t support them either.

    I respect your opinion and appreciate your belief that gays are entitled to the same rights as everyone else. I was taught that Christians believed in The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So put your money where your mouth is and boycott Chick-Fil-A.

  • Melissa

    I’m pretty sure the president of chick fil a was only expressing his opinion, not discriminating against anyone. He never said certain people weren’t welcome in his establishments, he only expressed his beliefs and he is allowed to do so!

    • @Melissa — Expressing an opinion is one thing, using your company to raise funds for hate groups is another.

    • Nat

      The simple fact that the company financialy supports organizations that promote discrimination makes me reconsider spending money in their establishment.I would not donate to these types of organizations directy-why should I inderectly?

    • @Nat — Yes, exactly.

  • Bounds

    I’m not gay. I’m not homophobic. I hate and love equally. A company follows their beliefs on exclusion as do a thousand other companies, practices and social institutions…said or unsaid. If we stopped shopping, eating or supporting every company that we disagree with, we’d all be naked and starve to death while watching nothing on tv. To hell with CFA but at the sane time, they exercise the sane rights we all do in the face of ignorance and bigotry. More than that, to hell with a book written in a day where they wrote on papyrus with burnt sticks and I’m expected to bide my life according to that? If god existed, update that sh!t, bro. The bible is played out. I love them sandwiches though.

  • Louigi

    @Melissa – Of course he welcomes everyone — including the people he marginalizes — because they make him more money.

    Why anyone who believes in equal rights for ALL human beings would frequent his establishments is beyond me.

    There’s no excuse for promoting — and profiting from — hatred.. Try as many will, you can’t disguise what Chick-Fil-A is really serving: Discrimination, plain & simple.

    • @Louigi — I agree 1000%.

  • claire

    Trent didn’t you used to LOVE Chick Fil A???? What a bummer that an establishment you used to patronize would be exposed like this but I certainly don’t blame you for no longer giving them your business. They obviously don’t deserve it.

  • Melissa

    If you don’t like what he says then so be it but leave him alone! I’m a believer in Christ just like him, I may not agree with that type of lifestyle but I would never discriminate or hate someone who is gay. I have cousins who are gay and they are some of the greatest people! It’s not my job to judge their lives. I will continue to eat there because I like their food and the service, not because of what the president of that food chain believes. I could care less what he believes.

    @Louigi- I don’t see it as discimination. You can’t say that every franchise owner and employee at every Chick Fil A believes the same way.

  • Louigi

    @Melissa – I didn’t say anything about any of the franchise owners or employees. My comments are directed to CEO, Christian, and hate-monger Dan Cathy. If you truly could care less what he believes, maybe you should consider re-evaluating your views and consider the rights of the gay cousins in your family who are some of the greatest people you know. There are many who are not as open-minded as you and I, and Dan Cathy’s stance legitimizes discrimination for that sector of the community.

  • Jesse

    I’m sorry but Ellin you lost me after you said ‘liberal media’ now I can’t get Sarah Palin out of my head

  • hapacalgirl

    Its his company and its his opinion, if you do not agree with it then don’t eat there. Its as simple as that. Everyone has a right to have their personal beliefs and opinions and no one has a right to push their beliefs on another. Just like he doesn’t have a right to tell a supporter of gay marriage and homosexuality to change their beliefs , that same supporter has no right to tell him to believe and agree with gay marriage and homosexuality. In life there will always be contrary opinions . He isn’t discriminating on sexuality in terms of who they hire and who they serve so they are not breaking any laws, he just stated is true and honest beliefs. If you do not like the fact that he helps funds anti-gay groups then don’t provide them with your patronage, just like people who are anti-gay or anti-animal cruelty etc. will refuse to go to places or purchase items that support or participate practices they do not agree with . Now unless the mayor of Boston and Chicago’s officials are absolutely sure that everyone in their city agrees with their stance on gay marriage they have no right legally to ban an establishment from their city based on the opinions of the president of said company and I am surprised the citizens of boston and chicago are allowing them to do so. Personally I am neutral (neither hardcore supporter or hardcore against) gay marriage and as a biologist and antheist I find homosexuality something that people have no control over and therefore will not judge them for it (I have many friends and relatives that are gay/homosexual) but thats my opinion and this happens to be there.

    • hapacalgirl


    • @hapacalgirl — “if you do not agree with it then don’t eat there” That is exactly the point.

  • Amie in STL

    It is interesting that Trent brought up “whites only” because Chick-Fil-A was one of the first southern restaurants to hire and promote African-American managers.

    I think it was a bad move on CFA’s part to post this sign. A simple “we will no longer be carrying the Muppet Babies toys with our kids’ meals” would have sufficed. There were likely some people who said, “i don’t agree with them but I respect their right to an opinion and their consistency,” but then lost that respect when they lied.

    • Brandy K

      Yes, well those ignorant fools who picket military funerals are also very pro equality for African Americans. So…that, unfortunately doesn’t translate to equality for all.

  • Stef

    I am a supporter of gay rights, however I am also a supporter of people having the right to their opinions. Although I do not agree with the CEO’s view on what is a “traditional family” I feel like boycotting Chick-Fil-A and smearing them will only end up hurting the minimum wage individuals who work there. It will take away jobs from people who need them and have to support their family. The CEO’s views may be homophobic, but it is not like he is saying gay/bi/transgender people cannot eat there or that they only cater to straight people. The CEO is not imposing his beliefs on the employees, the customers, or anyone else. It is not like you walk into a CHick Fil-A and are bombarded with Anti-gay propoganda. If Dan Cathy did not make that comment then no one would say Chick Fil-A was homophobic. I have never walked in and said “hey this place is so antigay” or “This chicken sandwich tastes like bigotry”

    Also as someone mentioned, many other mainstream corporations are “guilty as charged” of other crimes such as using sweatshops or using child labor yet I rarely see as much outrage for that. For example, the factory in China were all your fancy APPLE products (FOXCONN) are made is basically a prison with atrocious working conditions. We are talking long hours, low pay, poor ventilation, etc. In fact, so many employees commit suicide there that they had to install a fence around the windows. I think that blatant disregard for human rights is just as bad as homophobia which is also a violation of human rights. I wonder how likely those people who bash Chick Fil-A will go throw out their iphones and ipads? I guess what I am trying to say is your money will always go towards something you disagree with, but to try to bring down a company and take away even more jobs from the economy because of this disagreement while not doing the same to other companies guilty of similar crimes is just so hypocritical.

    • Courtney

      100% percent agree. Apple is one of the worst when it comes to child labor and poor working conditions.

  • What happened to Trent?

    Goodness Trent, I used to love your sight so much.

    As someone who worked for 15 years with the brave, dedicated, courageous and strong gay men of the 1980’s who had to confront the nightmare of AIDS, well, I’m ashamed of how you represent the gay community today.

    This feels like a hunt to destroy those who don’t agree with you. Like you are becoming that which you claim to despise. An intolerant bully. Where are your critical thinking skills, teacher man? The original interview WAS different from how the media spun it. You, a supposed lover of CFA, turn your back the second you get your feelings hurt. Dig a little deeper. CFA is a good company being placed in the crosshairs for political gain. It’s so wrong on so many levels.

    I am so disappointed in you. I thought you were a better man. A tolerant and kind man. Oh well. Sold out.

    I love the gay community, but it seems like lately that community has become a bunch of bullies. Why? Is this how to get what you want? Destroy all who may not agree with you?

    You don’t need to reply to me Trent. I like remembering you the way you were in your Detroit days. This new, puffed up fake Trent is so much better than me. Whew, thanks for putting my intolerant hot air in its place.

    • Louigi12

      @What happened to Trent – It’s unfair to label Trent a bully simply because he has a conscience.

    • Meghan

      @What Happened to Trent?-I’m not sure you are aware so I’m going to let you know. I’m pretty sure you are insane.

    • @What happened … — If you, as someone who “worked for 15 years with the brave, dedicated, courageous and strong gay men of the 1980′s who had to confront the nightmare of AIDS”, are comfortable supporting a company that funds anti-gay organizations openly and proudly then that’s on you. You are free to your opinion of me as I am to my opinion of you. Have a great day :)

    • Stef

      I have to say I kind of agree with you. I have always supported gay rights, but I really cannot support how the LGTB community is handling this one. If equal rights for people of all sexual orientation comes at the cost of the livelihood of innocent people and taking away a company’s first amendment rights then they are just as intolerant as the homophobes they condemn.

    • Louigi12

      @Stef – If it were your civil rights in question, I’d hazard a guess you might feel differently. Just sayin.

    • @Stef — “I really cannot support how the LGTB community is handling this one.” I have to ask, what response do YOU think the LGTB community should take? No one is taking away anyone’s rights — I fear you are grossly misinformed and, as a result, are grossly misinforming others. You also accuse the LGTB community of being “intolerant” … of what, exactly? Should we be tolerante of a company that has made a practice of working toward stripping away the rights of others? People are free to be as hateful as they like. But it is important to inform others to this kind of behavior. So many people are shocked to learn that a Christian-based company would be so hateful.

  • Stef

    @Louigi12-Enough of my close friends and family do have their civil rights in question so I think this issue is important to me. However, I don’t fight negativity with negativity. To support them, I write letters to my state representatives, vote for congress members who support same sex marriage equality, engage in healthy debates with those who do not share my views, volunteer at the gay pride events in my city, etc. I do not put down others verbally who do not share my beliefs, prevent them from expressing themselves, or try to shut them down as many are now trying to prevent Chick Fil-A from opening up in their community.

    @ Trent:
    I think preventing a business from opening in a public location because of the CEO’s beliefs is a great deterrent to freedom of speech. I think the first amendment was put in place so people can voice their beliefs without fear of financial or physical repercussions. It’s not like Chick Fil-A is banning gay people from their establishment or filling their restaurants with hate speech. You have the right to boycott them. I think people should boycott companies they do not believe in, however, to try to prevent the company’s right to grow in this free market economy and take away needed jobs in the community is in my mind bullying and intolerance. I guess we just have to agree to disagree.

    • Louigi12

      @Stef – I will agree that we strongly disagree.

  • Rick

    To all who are going to boycott Chick-fil-A because the owner expressed an opinion about gay marriages…….

    When do you plan to stop using GASOLINE.

    The owners of OPEC put homosexuals to death over there where the oil comes from

    Just curious.

    • @Rick — It’s not about boycotting based on the expression of an opinion. CFA donates money they make to anti-gay organizations. By not giving them money, they have less to donate.

  • Marie

    so basically, they made a profile six hours beforehand, anticipating, that persons statement, omg bro!!! they can see into the future with their chicken pattiess!!!!

    • @Marie — LOL. You’re probably right, that fake Facebook profile with a stock photo avatar was prolly made by someone not associated with CFA. LOL.