‘American Idol’ Releases The First Official Promo Image Of New Judge Mariah Carey


On Monday we learned officially that Mariah Carey has been hired as the newest judge on American Idol. On Tuesday we heard from Mimi herself about her new Idol gig (and also heard rumors that she will be making $18 million for one season on the show). Today we get our first look at the just-released official promo image released by AI of new judge Mariah. As you can see below, Mimi’s ultrafabulous Divaness is in Full. Effect. Bam.

AMERICAN IDOL: Mariah Carey, one of the best-selling female recording artists of all time, has joined AMERICAN IDOL as a new judge. A five-time Grammy Award-winning global superstar with more than 200 million records sold worldwide and more No. 1 songs than any solo artist in history. Carey joins the judges’ panel when AMERICAN IDOL returns in January 2013 on FOX.

Oh yes, Mariah Carey is about to take charge, folks. Considering the Miminess of this photo, my guess is that all promo materials that feature MC must meet her strict standards … which is why this particular photo looks so unlike a regular promo photo. I’d bet any money that Mariah has a collection of photographs like this just waiting to be used in an official promo capacity at a moment’s notice. If this photo doesn’t set the tone for Mariah’s new stint as American Idol judge, I don’t know what does. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if AI decides that Mariah’s other two fellow judges will be giant wind machines.

[Photo credit: Mark Cant, Source]

  • Miguel

    “I’d bet any money that Mariah has a collection of photographs like this just waiting to be used in an official promo capacity at a moment’s notice.”

    R O F L M F A O ! ! !

    Random Business-y folk: American Idol wants an image to release to the press…
    MC: Oh – just send them Image 100298-211 from my “Glam” file. ;)


  • cj

    It’s Pathetic!

  • Kat

    Her waist looks badly photoshopped and her “smile” is forced. It’s a terrible photo.

    • vintage

      i agree. forced smile, body not proportionate (photoshopped) and unnatural pose. i would never approve a picture of myself like that, it’s a wonder she did…

  • Mitchell

    No matter who AI hires to sit next to Mimi, knowing her demands and standards, those other judges won’t seem like anything BUT wind machines.

    X-Factor may be playing off Brit’s stardom, but at least it seems there’s a reasonable amount of time and effort devoted to the other judges. In fact, the show doesn’t seem as “Brit-Factor” as it did before. With Mimi and AI though, I fear DivaDemands will make it Mimi Idol, reversibly so.

  • nicole

    at this point, i say let it be Mimi Idol…atleast it will make the show some what interesting

  • Krissy

    HAhaha!!! I LOVE this! So funny. She doesn’t try to hide the diva at all.

  • Daniel

    Is it made of plastic????

  • AmandaMarie

    Most emotionless photo I’ve seen in a long time… Coincidentally, the most photoshopped one too. Yikkkkkes

  • SMK

    I just can’t with this! It’s gonna be the Mimi show and nothing else!

  • swile71

    If this is the kind of photograph that she approves I would LOVE to see what she rejects. I think she will make an entertaining judge for sure.