Kristin Cavallari Shows Off Her Massive Baby Bump


It’s gettin’ close to birthin’ time for Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari because from the looks of her burgeoning baby bump, she’s about ready to blow. KC is at about 9 months into her pregnancy so she should be bringing forth the fruit of her loins any time now. Altho we don’t know for sure when exactly she’s due, she’s been hinting that she’s near the end of her pregnancy on Twitter. Click below to see how big KC’s baby bump has gotten and read some deets from the girl herself about the days leading up to the (hopeful) end of her pregnancy.

There aren’t many times in a female celebrity’s life when she can enjoy being ‘massive’. But nine months into her pregnancy Kristin Cavallari is understandably proud of her growing stomach. The reality TV star tweeted a joyous picture of ‘my massive bump’ to her fans, showing her happily holding her pregnant stomach. The beautiful 25-year-old looked relaxed and healthy as she posed in her kitchen for her fiance, American football star Jay Cutler. The two have made their home in Chicago, where Jay plays for the Chicago Bears. The scene was a picture of a happy home life, with the couple’s pet dog sneaking into the shot behind Kristin. Kristin, who found fame in The Hills, added: ‘Gonna wear heels tonight for the first time in a couple months and hope I don’t fall on my ass.’ She has been enjoying every moment of her first pregnancy, eating healthy food and relaxing ahead of the arrival. Kristin has updated her fans at regular intervals, as she indulges in the occasional slice of red velvet cake or a massage from her partner. She tweeted today: ‘Jay is making me lasagna…he takes such good care of me good thing because I can barely move.’ Kristin announced she was expecting her first child with NFL quarterback fiancĂ© Jay in January. She had briefly split up with the 28-year-old Chicago Bears star in July last year which ended their engagement, though they were back together by November. The two had not planned on having children before their marriage, but have expressed their delight at the unplanned pregnancy.

Oh man, she looks beautiful. I’ve been a KC fan from the start and I am just so happy to see her looking so happy. She is going to be a mom any day now and I cannot wait. I’m glad she’s been keeping fans updated on her pregnancy along the way … but the time has almost finally come. I can’t wait for Baby Boy Cavallari-Cutler to make his debut in the world. That baby is gonna be cute, y’all.


  • nicole

    oh wow. shes at 9 months already? damn its like her pregnancy just flew by.

  • Lizzy

    She’s so lucky. She is all belly. She looks beautiful!

  • Leah

    I hope her fiance is nice, I get a major douche-vibe from him.

    • Vicky


  • ohs

    she is still relevant?

  • Alyssa

    Has she even gained a pound? She looks amazing.

    I can never pinpoint why she’s always annoyed me (maybe it’s because all the hills and laguna beach shows were annoying), but I can’t deny she looks fabulous.

  • kat :)

    Just have to point out- that is not massive at all. She looks great, and has a perfect (small) belly bump. Can’t wait hear about the baby being born!