Justin Bieber Shows Off, Yet Another, New Tattoo


Remember last month when Justin Bieber got the world BELiEVE tattooed on the inside of his left arm to commemorate the release of his new album of the same name? Well, it looks like The Biebs went and got another tattoo, this time on the inside of his right arm, to balance out his ink. JB showed off his newest tattoo while making his way thru LAX Airport this week and, as you can see below, it’s quite an interesting piece of body art. This time around, Justin got the Japanese Kanji symbol for music inked on his flesh. Check it out.

He may only be the tender age of 18, but it would appear Justin Bieber already has something of a penchant for tattoos. The Boyfriend singer showed off his most recent inking as he made his way through Los Angeles’ LAX airport last night. But blink and you’d miss it, as the etching was so tiny it could quite easily be mistaken for a blemish or large mole. Flashing a peace sign as he posed for photographs with fans, the teen singing sensation looked a little tired as he walked through the airport. The Japanese Kanji symbol for music is Justin’s most recent inking, and sits opposite his ‘Believe’ tattoo on his left arm … The Baby hitmaker has already amassed a collection of six tattoos, and in March had a praying hand inking etched onto his leg, which is thought to represent the power of prayer and the Almighty. Justin underwent his first inking of a bird on his hip at the tender age of 16, and followed it with the Hebrew word for Jesus on his ribcage. Continuing with his collection of religious tattoos, the Canadian singer later had an image of Jesus etched onto his left leg.

I mean … yeah. Clearly, Justin is really into getting tattoos. At this rate, he’ll rack up an impressive number of tats in no time. I suspect he will eventually get somewhere between the number of tattoos that Rihanna has and the number of tattoos that David Beckham has. I’m not sure that I’m a fan of JB’s ink but it really doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks. He seems happy with his tattoo choices … now. Let’s hope he doesn’t come to regret them anytime soon :/

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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  • Capt. Crunch Jr.

    I hope he triple checked that translation or else he really will regret walking around with a tat that means “soup” or something.

    • @Capt. Crunch Jr. — LMAOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • J

    It means music… But very very badly done!

    • munch

      It actually doesn’t music in japanese is 音楽 i have never seen that kanji before