Janet Jackson & Jermaine Jackson Face Off In A Heated Conversation


First we heard that Katherine Jackson, matriarch of the Jackson family, was missing. Then we heard that she is not missing. Now we are hearing about a whole lotta turmoil going on in the Jackson family behind the scenes … turmoil that is actually spilling out into the public eye. Various members of the Jackson family are at odds over whatever is going on that made it seem like Katherine was missing. In the photo below, you can see Janet Jackson arguing with her brother Jermaine Jackson. There is also a report of a confrontation between Janet and Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris. Things are getting messy amongst the Jacksons, y’all.

TMZ has obtained a photo of Janet Jackson and Jermaine Jackson in a heated exchange at the Jackson family home– shortly after Sheriff’s deputies responded to an alleged battery there on Monday afternoon. In the pic, Janet and her brother Jermaine are in front of the Calabasas compound … clearly engaged in a heavy conversation. We’re told the photo was taken within the same hour LA County Sheriff’s deputies went to Katherine Jackson’s home … after someone inside accused someone else of a physical assault. We do not know if Jermaine and Janet were involved in that dispute. As we previously reported, Janet and Jermaine have a lot to discuss — the letter they and 3 other siblings signed, demanding the Executors of Michael Jackson’s Estate step down … and Katherine Jackson’s puzzling trip to Arizona.

Yeah, not only is Janet having a problem with Jermaine but she is also having a problem with Paris:

TMZ has obtained unedited full video of what turned into a confrontation at the Jackson family compound Monday in Calabasas, CA. It starts out friendly enough, with MJ’s kids Paris and Prince getting out of their SUV and shaking hands and hugging a few of Michael’s siblings who arrived in the SUV behind them. But moments later, things turned ugly. The footage shows Janet confronting MJ’s daughter Paris … and during the standoff, Janet swipes for Paris’ cell phone twice. Paris charges past Janet … and when Janet attempts to go after Paris, Janet is restrained by her brother Randy. Randy and Janet proceed to hold up their cell phones and record Paris. After the video ends, there was a physical altercation at the home between two family members. Cops arrived to the scene and took a battery report. According to the MJ Estate, Michael’s children have since been moved away from the home and into a secure location.

Honestly, if Janet were not involved in any of this, I’d be more willing to believe all this drama is being faked for attention. But Janet Jackson has NEVER been one to go after this kind of sad attention (unlike her less famous siblings who, IMHO, would use any opportunity to get a little notoriety). If things are so bad that Janet is getting in the mix of whatever is going on in the family, I tend to think the drama is real. As a result of this back and forth amongst the Jacksons, the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate have made a push for legal custody of MJ’s children to be handed over to a temporary guardian … because, they claim, Katherine has been “hijacked” by the Jacksons … leaving the children unsupervised:

The executors of Michael Jackson’s estate will go to court to support a move for a temporary guardian for Michael’s 3 kids. TMZ has learned … papers are being drafted by the lawyer for someone who will ask the probate judge in the Estate case for the temporary guardianship. We do not know the identity of that person, however, we are told the Estate is drafting legal docs supporting the temporary guardianship. We’re told the person seeking the temporary guardianship is also filing legal docs claiming Katherine Jackson — who is currently the legal guardian of MJ’s 3 kids — has been effectively kidnapped by Michael’s siblings, and as a result they are without supervision. Sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ … the executors feel responsible for protecting the kids … since the kids are the primary beneficiaries of their father’s estate. As such, the executors will support a temporary guardian for the kids.

At the heart of all of this fighting, it is being reported, is Michael Jackson’s will. Apparently, his family was been completely cut out of MJ’s will … meaning all of his money goes to his children and to his mother, Katherine — guardian of the children. The Jacksons are seeking to invalidate that will so they can reportedly get their hands on some of MJ’s money (the reports claim that the Jacksons have sneaked Katherine off into seclusion so that they can talk her into siding with them to invalidate the will). It’s a sad mess, it seems. It remains to be seen how it will all play out but I think one thing’s for certain … this Jackson drama will play out somewhat in the public eye … and we haven’t heard the last of this mess.

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  • kevin

    is Janet working for TMZ now ?

  • katie

    These people are just f-ing crazy! Money does horrible things to people.

  • Glen CoCo-Franco

    Janet is trying to have the will invalidated too???

  • MM

    I love Janet – but I think she has proven to be plenty crazy over the years – so I wouldn’t think her involvement in this reveals anything about the situation.

    It’s all just so sad. On the one hand, I do feel like some back up provisions need to be made for these kids because their grandmother is so elderly. However if this is truly just about getting Michael’s money – than I am disgusted by all of the siblings.

    Even if their theory is true, that the executors of the will are using the grandmother to keep money from the siblings – so what? None of them should be hard up for money so it’s not worth fighting over and dragging the poor kids into it.

    I wish this whole story would go away. It’s so unpleasant to hear about.

  • Krissy

    I am scared of where this will end up going. Yikes.

    I do have to say that for Katherine to leave the grandkids, when she is their guardian, for 9 days without telling htem or making other arrangements is REALLY wrong. Either she isn’t a proper guardian and should be removed, or she was being held against her will. The pictures of her playing cards in AZ make me think she wasn’t being held against her will.

    Paris seems like a very determined young woman, I hope that she realizes that she still needs adult guidance. I worry that people will manipulate her into doing something bold and headstrong that isn’t in her self interest.

    • Vicky

      Abso-fucking-lutely. If this woman can in good conscience leave those kids to believe that she is missing, then she does not deserve to be their guardian. What would happen if a parent did that… they would get their kid taken away faster than they can say boo.

    • Leah

      Totally agree. I have custody of my nephew and while it can be a NIGHTMARE to stand up to other family members, his wellbeing always has to be my first priority… There are definitely people who would put the kids first (Just maye not Jacksons).

  • Okay this is my look on everything. The Jacksons are a bunch of money hungry people. I feel so sorry for those kids man because its not their fought . Paris is a young lady becoming a women her grandmother means the world to her. May god have mercy on their souls. So what is Micheal didnt leave dem any money he doesnt owe yall anything hid responsibility lies in paris prince and blanket thats all if you all want money so bad den get off yall lazy butts and get a job and do some work

  • Revan Vampir

    Deceit, lies, corruption, greed. Its all pretty disgusting.

  • Poor Michael – so sad when you think of how hard he worked to protect his kids and give them a private, loving upbringing.

  • Dylan

    Yeah I have a hard time believing this to. Janet has her own money and she is more shy and gentle manner. I don’t believe she would go after michael money and would get physical with her niece. I think its been blown out bigger then it real is

  • shaheera

    I follow paris on instagram, and it seems she responds to arguments/rumors/etc against her, even going as far as to blocking people and calling them out…now, maybe janet is just frustrated with her social media antics and midst argument, took her phone away from her. I think janet is the most genuine as far as michael jackson and his kids are concerned. She has enough financial security and power to sustain her family, too…we all get into arguments with loved ones (teenagers are rough these days…), we just don’t have TMZ following us around…

  • “janet is so shy ” Janet has never been one to go after this sad attention ” ? the bitch whipped out her tit at the superbowl? she be crazy too – look at her jacked up face and ever bloating and deflating body? – janet’s got some problems kids – wasn’t she also secretly msrried for seven years or something too?

    • @baroness — Whoa. Seriously?

  • Kim-E

    To be real I don’t think this is about Micheal’s money for Janet and most of the others. I think Paris and her siblings are resorting to their independence and in the age of Twitter and paps they are not doing it wisely. Janet is an artist trying to keep up with Madonna and Lady Gaga so her stage antics are totally separate from her personal life. I think Paris ain’t having more controlling shenanigans after life with her father and someone(s) is/are definitely whispering she can do whatever she wants and so she is. I do believe she is trying to do a movie or something and everyone is getting upset and so would I. It’s been a few decades since Shirley Temple was locked away from people but the movie industry is self-serving and they love to know the truth behind innocence and life while its corrupted. I hope this isn’t a remake of Britney Spears rejecting her parents only to still have them legally in control in her thirties.

    Also, the guy that was in That’s the way love goes video was married to Janet for 7 years secretly. Think long lanky hair and totally fit body. He was in a lot of her videos for years and then they quietly divorced. He tried to break the prenup and get spousal support and that’s how everyone found out.

  • Kim-E

    I meant laugh not life while its corrupted in my earlier comment.

  • RK

    Can I just say that I now firmly believe that the thing that we all thought was Michael Jackson’s wild weirdness was really something beautiful and altruistic he was doing to divert attention from the rank ugliness of of his family and their behavior.

    • Pinky

      -Thriller (entire video with credits) -Beat It -Remember the Time -Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough -Heal The World This is a great video that shows not only the evioltuon of Michael Jackson’s music, but also that of his appearance. Co-stars include Eddie Murphy, Iman, Magic Johnson, McAuley Culkin, Bart and Homer Simpson, and others. An exceptional video!!! *In the video Black or White, Michael appears to be furiously smashing the windows of a car for no reason. In the original, racist graffiti is painted on the windows. This was edited out in this version. Relax, Michael is not crazy. Or at least not that crazy.