Win 3 Months Of Free Dinners From Pop-Up Pantry!


If you’re like most Pink Is The New Blog readers, you love eating great food, but you don’t always have time to make it. Or maybe the best options in town are chain restaurants, and every now and then you want something … better? Then Pop-Up Pantry is perfect for you — and we want to give you three free months of dinners!

Pop-Up Pantry offers 3-course gourmet dinners crafted by top chefs, delivered to your door for the price of takeout.

Best of all, the restaurant-quality dinners get from your kitchen to dining table in under 30 minutes, with super easy preparation. If you can boil water or make a frozen pizza, you could be enjoying Hoisin Ginger Braised Shortribs (with Coconut Sesame Bread Pudding as your dessert), or Butternut Squash Lasagna Rolls (that starts with a Roasted Cauliflower and Apple Soup).

Whether it’s a romantic dinner at home with a loved one, a lively dinner party with friends, or just a go-to option after a long day at work, Pop-Up Pantry takes the stress out of dinner. No more grocery trips (and dealing with parking). No more restaurant reservations (and dealing with traffic). And if you sign up using the special invite code PINK, you’ll automatically be entered to win three months of free dinners! (That’s two dinners per month for three months, and each dinner serves two people!) Wouldn’t it be great to have a delivery of amazing 3-course dinners waiting for you at home?

So head on over to POPUPPANTRY.COM and use code PINK to sign up!

Standard contest rules apply.

  • Morgi

    Sorry but at that price, it’s not really a “bargain” and I can have a *very* nice dinner for two out. No matter how good a meal is, when it’s frozen after it’s been cooked, the quality will always decline significantly.

  • rOXy

    I like this idea and I think it will go over well in an area like LA, and other metros. I’d rather have THIS than say, Pick up Stix, or some cardboard pizza. Some people live alone and don’t want to cook for just themselves. Frozen foods at the groceries are so lacking, and going out to eat alone is kinda, well, lonely, and can get expensive. After a hard day at work, it would be a welcome change to have a gourmet meal. Wishing all the success the venture deserves. ox

    • ChristineLA

      I agree, it’s a great idea!