Kanye West And G.O.O.D. Music Cover ‘Complex’ Magazine


Complex Magazine is convinced that the artists of G.O.O.D. Music are set to take over the world and play savior to the rap/music Game entirely. Not that it necessarily needs saving, but they’re probably on to something; the guys are are pictured on a cross and the cover story is titled ‘New Religion’ (a shout-out to some Kanye lyrics). Complex sat down with the key players of G.O.O.D. Music (Kanye excluded, as he is committed to his ‘no press’ policy) and talked about the genesis and revelations of their forthcoming compilation album, Cruel Summer. Check out Pusha T the whole gang inside.

G.O.O.D. Music for Complex Magazine


Here are some of my favorite moments from the interview. I’ll start with Pusha. Cause, ya know. It’s Pusha.

Pusha: ’Ye has always got a million things going on, so once I got a great body of work done, I flew out to London and I played it for him in the middle of his clothing sweatshop. [Laughs.] We played it for four days straight. He’s like, “Man, I love this. I don’t like that. I’m going to redo this beat….” It’s the best thing in the world, because he’s going to tear your shit all the way down, and then build it back up. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Cudi: He knows what he’s talking about. It’s crazy how insanely smart he is—it’s frustrating at times. When I’m playing him stuff, he usually likes it. [Laughs.] But I remember there was a time when I played him something, and he was like, “Turn it off. That was terrible.”

Tip: I don’t feel like that [pressure] because, like you said, he understands what the talent is—it’s on par with his. One thing that we all have in common, Kanye included, is that we all want to be great. We all have that drive. Kanye channels it—he’s the nucleus. But at the same time, it’s collaborative. He’s open to whatever it is. If there’s pressure, it’s just to do outstanding shit. And that’s more of a drive than a pressure.

2 Chainz: I’m not officially signed, paperwork-wise, to G.O.O.D. Music. But I have a great rapport with ’Ye. He called me before Watch the Throne came out. I’m an only child. I’ve got trust issues. So I don’t have a best friend, a brother, sister—nothing. Stuff was happening in my life that I couldn’t tell nobody. I didn’t have anybody in my life that I could tell, like, “’Ye just called me.”

Sean: He [Kid Cudi] was so sure of himself as an artist. He was carefree, and I learned a lot from just looking at him. My live show got better watching Cudi. Even meeting up with Common, how he wrote his raps, I stopped writing my raps on paper. I just write them in my head. That’s all stuff that comes from being around people like him, being around ’Ye, and it’s something that you ain’t got to be scared of. I come from Detroit—it raised some of the realest players ever. That’s what I embody. I represent my city, my generation, young people dreaming. I used to ride to school listening to Kanye, was in the crowd looking at Jay-Z, and now these fools are saying, “Hey, I believe in you.” It’s real. I just bought my mom a new car. She was happy as hell. She was leaning on it, taking pictures. Now, she’s house shopping. This is what it was all for.


Read the rest of the interview here.

I am one of many people who cannot wait for Cruel Summer to drop. Between Mercy and New God Flow, I’ve heard enough to know that the album will be insane. Although I liked the interview, I couldn’t help but notice that Complex spent a lot of time getting info about Kanye West as a producer which makes sense. I suppose since he wasn’t there for the interview, they tried to make up for it.


And I love how they went for a sort of intellectualized look in the photoshoot. But the guys at G.O.O.D. Music sometimes takes themselves a bit too seriously! I’d love to see Martin Schoeller work his photo magic on them at some point.

Cruel Summer drops September 4.


  • nicole

    the rap game needs some serious saving – the turn its taken the past couple years..which i call the ‘swag era’ – needs to be burned down. & i think G.O.O.D Music has a few artist who can actually fix things.

    i didnt realize Common,Q-tip,Mos Def & John Legend were part of the label. its official – G.O.O.D Music is our savior

    • nicole, LMAO at “swag era”! You’re not wrong. And yeah, everybody awesome is on G.O.O.D. music. A few other who aren’t pictured too– Teyana Taylor, Cyhi, and Mr. Hudson who was on Watch The Throne.

  • mo_nate

    The era of GOOD is upon us. I for one am excited. I think they will bring back HIP HOP. Not the crappy ish we been hearing so far. So excited .

    Like Nicole said i didn’t know common , qtip and mos def were part of the new crew. This is awesome.

    My main concern is we all know the ego of Kanye with this elite group he put together. I hope his ego doesn’t explode

    • mo_nate, Kanye’s ego exists in a world of its own, lol. It’s his thing. But you can’t deny the music is good! So yeah, I think we have some good things to look forward to.