First Listen: Sweet Valley’s ‘Total Carnage’ Is The New Summer Jam


While buzzing around MTV’s Buzzworthy blog I stumbled across a band named Sweet Valley. Yes, I too was hoping that they had some connection to the incomparable YA series Sweet Valley High (shouts-out to Francine Pascal), but alas the affinity in name is merely coincidental. Still, the name drew me in and now I’m completely digging their sound so, despite the let down, I’m happy I pressed “play” on their new song, Total Carnage. Of the song, frontman Nathan Williams (formerly of the Wayves) told Spin magazine “I wanted to make a soundtrack to getting drunk this summer, and this is what I thought it should sound like.” IMO, this short, sweet, heavily-instrumental track pretty much nails it. My kinda summer drinking song inside!

Sweet Valley: Total Carnage

Ah! I love a mellowed-out jam sesh in July! This song (or sound) is totally stuck in my head and shall be the soundtrack to my day. I can’t believe they had the nerve to throw in a little chopped & screwed action in the beginning! These bros clearly know the way to my heart. Nice work guys.

Sweet Valley is a brother band duo; Nathan and Kynan are teaming up to bring us their debut album (appropriately titled Stay Calm) on August 7. If you’re into the g-funk synthesizers at work here (not that I know what those are, but they’re on Total Carnage so they must be good), and the dirty South-ified American Bandstand sample, then you’ll be on the lookout for Stay Calm with me.


  • thethew

    Shannon, your love of music simply brings me joy.

    • thethew, glad you’re enjoying my impromptu track reviews, lol. It’s all in good fun :)