Update: Rihanna’s Vacation Is Still Doing Quite Well For Itself


So yesterday was awkward for me. I posted those pictures of Rihanna on vacay and told myself I wouldn’t post any more. But today she reeled me back onto her twitter account with promises of Instagram pics featuring more gorgeous things I can’t afford– mainly yachts. So come get jealous-ified with me and check out more bikini shots and naughty language via hash tags from badgalriri herself. Good times, good times!

Rihanna Does Italy Part Deux:


Go to Rih-Rih’s twitter page for more, and to experience the best captions ever. She’s still committed to exclusively using hashtags that begin with “#phuckyo…” so there’s a lot to look forward to. The caption for the photo with Magic Johnson, for example, reads “#phuckyoneighbors.” That one was my fave :)

And no, I have no clue what’s happening in that 2nd to last pic, but based on the caption (#phuckyopeerpressure #phuckyobartender) I’m guessing alcohol was involved. Nice!

Images and associated feeling of jealousy brought to you by @Rihanna.

  • Lkk23

    Looks like Chris brown doesn’t appreciate RiRi’s vacay pics…his instagram name…@fu**yopictures. I also second the girl who posted on the last Rihanna post, your sense of humor is awesome and I also love your passion for music!!!

    • Lkk23, I had COMPLETELY forgotten that that was his instagram name! VERY fun fact! And I think he’s always had that name… which would mean RiRi is the one giving shouts-out to him. Hmmmm…. things just got way too intense over here. Lol… thanks for commenting! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the posts.

  • mo_nate

    I never got the chance to post on this. You got me rolling on the floor with the Rhianna pictures. You are all sorts of awesome

    • Ha! Thanks mo_nate. She’s just the best, lol!

  • Rahel

    White People ? Well that’s pretty racsit. Its sad that if she were a white person aiming that comment at a black person all hell would break lose, but, of course, that would not happen because white people are too afraid to even call black people black and not African Americans . ok Rihanna doesnt want to be a role model, so what, its not like she would even be a good one. But she could at least at like a nice person or act like she even cares about her fans at all. After all, she wouldnt even have a job if people didnt listen to her shitty music . I know one thing is for sure, I definitely WONT be listening to any more of Rihanna’ so-called music .