Lupe Fiasco Shares Behind-The-Scenes Pics From His Next Video


Yes, yes, yes. Lupe Fiasco’s brilliant new song Bitch Bad is finally getting a video and I am doing my happy dance so crazy right now! Back when we first saw the ah-mazing video for Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free), we also listened to Bitch Bad which, as I explained, is not about bad bitches. Believe it or not. Check out some teaser pics inside.

Behind The Scenes Of Lupe Fiasco’s Bitch Bad:


Honestly? It’s getting awkward for me to look at this guy. He’s like the kid in my philosophy class that I had this totally intellectual crush on. And then he started growing dreads and it moved from an intellectual thing to a physical thang. Awk.

Anyway, here’s a refresher on the song, which is very brilliant, and very Lupe and getting a video soon! Chea!

Bitch Bad/Woman Good/Lady Better: