A Pen Pal Letter Written By 21 Year Old Morrissey Is Revealed


Back in the day — way before the world had Facebook, Twitter, the INTERNET — folks had to connect and communicate with friends by mail or telephone. Back in the day, people used to have pen pals. Steven Patrick Morrissey, at 21 years old, was looking for a pen pal when he reached out to a young man named Robert Mackie back in 1980. Morrissey found Mackie’s address in the personals section of Sounds magazine (which was kind of like the personals section of Craigslist) and sent him a letter. That letter has been revealed and, of course, shared on the Internets. Click below to see and read Morrissey’s pen pal letter that was written on the back of a photo of James Dean.

Steven Morrissey
384- Kings Rd
Manchester- M32 8GW

Dear Person,

So nice to know there’s another soul out there, even if it is in Glasgow.

Does being Scottish bother you? Manchester is a lovely little place, if you happen to be a bedridden deaf mute.

I’m unhappy, hope you’re unhappy too.

In poverty,



LOL! Is this not THE most Morrissey letter that you could ever imagine? As I understand it, Morrissey and Mackie remained pen pals for about 18 months. A couple of years later, in 1983, Morrissey formed the band The Smiths with Johnny Marr. The reason I share this letter with all y’all is because it’s f*cking amazing. Second, it is a terribly insightful look at a young man who would grow up to become one of the most beloved musicians of his generation. Clearly, Morrissey was always of the maudlin sort. In the future, people will look back at Facebook pages and blogs to learn what we were like in our youths. Some people never change, some people do … I’m glad to see that Morrissey is of the former ilk. When I was young, maybe 6th grade or so, I had a few pen pals … one in Egypt, one in Greece and one in France. Only my French pen pal friendship lasted. I can’t remember the girl’s name but we exchanged a few letters over a few months. She sent me a plastic Eiffel Tower statue which I LOVED. It was that gift that inspired me to make a promise to myself that I would some day touch the real Eiffel Tower in Paris … which I did many, many, many years later on my first trip to France with David back in 2006.

So, I have to know … did any of y’all have pen pals when you were younger?

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  • Ama

    Yes I had a few when I was younger. I loved having pen pals and when I think about it now I kind of miss it! Heck, I miss just writing letters in general. I think it was a lot more personal then emailing or texting.

  • Eri

    I got a pen pal in grade 6 when my teacher asked if anyone wanted one (what is the process for that?) One day I got a letter in the mail from a girl in the UK and we wrote on and off for several years..until the advent of email and then Facebook. We are still friends and I even met up with her when I visited London in 2008 and we spent a lot of time together. We still keep in touch – I hope we are friends for life!

  • Sara

    I had a pen pal from Belgium, Malaysia, Thailand, and a couple in the States. We all lost touch and I often wonder how they are doing.

  • Sfmom

    “bdridden deaf mute” lol. A way with words even at 21.
    I had two or three penpals from the states – a few I wrote with off and on for years between the ages of 9 and 15. And when I was 10 or 11 I had a Pp from Russia but that was complicated and didn’t last long because she didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Russian so we each had to find ppl to translate our letters. I remember she drew really cool cartoon animals on all her letters.
    The thought that we’ll all have our Facebook pages plastered out in the public eye if/when one took on any kind of public role…that is part of what scared me off fb years ago. Of course I’m not planning any kind of public life but sheesh…think about all the stupid stuff ppl say on fb and twitter and then imagine it archived forever and ever amen to come back and bite you in the ass if you ever become famous (or god forbid run for public office).