Watch: Rebel Wilson And Kirsten Dunst Take The Leads In ‘Bachelorette’


The good news is that you’re about to see Rebel Wilson as the bride in this new trailer for the Sundance hit, Bachelorette. The bad news is that, according to the people who’ve already seen the film, they left out all the good R-rated stuff! Womp, womp. Still, at least we get a peek at the new movie and, until they come out with the NSFW trailer, this one will have to do. PG-13 rated laughs inside!

Bachelorette: Totally SFW Trailer

I know, I know. That wasn’t really the Rebel Wilson we all know and love, but she’s gotta be in there somewhere! Right? Even with her newfound American accent???

The movie still looked cute but we’re gonna need a little less “cute” and a lot more raunch-tastic dramedy if this film is gonna take off! I think it’s there, we’ve just got the watered down, censored version of it. In the meantime, there’s still the Pitch Perfect trailer (which I definitely just went and watched again, for Rebel’s sake), and the dance scene in this Bachelorette trailer was actually pretty hilarious too.

What’d you guys think? James Marsden anyone? He could get it, but I’m an Adam Scott (aka Derek from Step Brothers) kinda gal myself. LMAO.


  • kat :)

    I think I prefer her with a british accent…

  • catlady

    Go Aussie girls!

  • nicole

    i love Rebel Wilson!! although, i do prefer her accent – she’ll still be great in this movie. overall seems like a grea cast. i kind of like that they’re making more movies like this for us ladies.