The Spice Girls Will Reportedly Perform At The Closing Ceremony Of The London Olympic Games


Welp, Queen Elizabeth, II’s Diamond Jubilee celebration came and went … and the Spice Girls did not reunite to perform. In June, the Spices got together in London to make a big announcement … that their music was being adapted into a musical. Fans everywhere were crushed that the announcement was NOT for an actual Spice Girls reunion. Today, however, we hear that there are secret plans to have the Spice Girls perform at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Naturally, we know of this “secret” because of a leak … SO take this information with a huge grain of salt. It is possible that we will get a Spice Girls reunion this year after all.

According to the always-excited British press, the ’90s group’s five ladies — including the reportedly reluctant Victoria Beckham — have “signed on the dotted line” to perform as one sexy unit again at the Aug. 12 closing ceremony … According to a Daily Mail source, the stars of 1997?s Spice World have only “a few weeks to rehearse. This is a serious proposition, Mel B has been bombarding Victoria with calls — she’s the sticking point. All the other girls want to do it. Victoria is extremely reluctant.” The going theory is that Beckham, who historically has been to a Spice Girls reunion what Katie Holmes has been to a Dawson’s Creek reunion — eventually relented due to the fact that her footballer husband David Beckham’s role in bringing the Olympics to London in the first place. Another theory is that she likes being famous. (David was ultimately snubbed from participating in the actual Games this year, and lord knows that the MLS is no star-maker.) Either way, we’re glad that the Girl Power group will be a part of the Olympic spectacle, which is also slated to include a performance from fellow reunited British legends Blur. Now the big question is whether the people behind London’s upcoming Viva Forever: The Musical will be able to rewrite their production in time.

On the one hand, I am reluctant to put any stock in this latest Spice Girls reunion rumor because I’m not sure my fragile little heart can take the disappointment if this Olympics reunion doesn’t happen. On the other hand, IF YOU BELIEVE HARD ENOUGH WITH ALL YOUR SOUL THAN DREAMS CAN COME TRUE SO ….



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  • Dezden

    I’d just… be thrilled beyond belief. But yes, I don’t want to be set on it and then it not happen. But… fingers crossed!

  • ErickT

    Im holding my breath, lord please let this be true