Rihanna’s Vacation Photos Are Kind Of A Big Deal


Ready to feel a teeny bit insecure about your body/lack of yacht? Just kidding! Do not feel insecure about these photos (like I kind of did for 35 seconds)! Feel good about the invention of twitter and about the fact that your life, wherever you are right now, is as amazing as Rihanna’s (yacht or no yacht)! Ok, now that I’ve built you up, you’re ready to check out the photos Rihanna’s been tweeting while on vacation in Capri, Italy. Her view from the boat alone is kind of a big deal. Enjoy!

Rihanna Has More Fun:

This is exactly what I look like on vacation.

This is exactly what my two friends and I look like on our yacht that we totally have. We split the cost, just like Rihanna and her friends probably totally did.

OMG! This is exactly what my boat looks like! Seriously, though. What am I looking at? #Money

This is exactly what my boobs look like on vacation. Bright, perky, and a little bit vintage. What?

This is exactly what I look like when I’m deep in thought on my yacht.

The island behind my yacht looks just like that one!

UMMM. Okay. Yeah, no. This one is just plain cray.

There were more photos, but honestly? Quelling my jealousy was getting kind of exhausting. These photos are insane! Go to her twitter to check out some more. Oh, important note: every single picture is accompanied by a personalized Rihannaphuckyo…” hashtag. As in #phuckyo car #imonaboatbitch and my personal fave #phuckyop*ssygame (that one was beneath the photo of her and her two friends). So yeah. She’s still on her badgalriri ish, in case you were curious.

Oh, and the paparazzi have been heavy in the building too. Check out some of their photos at Complex.

Thanks @Rihanna! I think… Lol.

  • Mela

    Okay Shannon…your wit gets props. You had me at “Bright, perky and a little bit vintage…”

  • Merle

    LOL!!!! Shannon you are hilarious :-D

    • Thanks Merle! Just doin’ my job :)