Newly Single Katie Holmes Is Going Back To Broadway


Now that Katie Holmes has successfully extricated herself from the grip of soon-to-be ex husband Tom Cruise, it’s time for her to get down to business and get back to work. Today we learn that Katie’s first new project since her split from Tom will be a Broadway play. Holmes has signed on to star in a new Broadway production titled Dead Accounts. Click below to learn more.

Katie Holmes has decided what her first major acting project will be since announcing her divorce from Tom Cruise: Broadway. The actress will star in Theresa Rebeck’s “Dead Accounts,” a five-character comedy that will be directed by three-time Tony Award winner Jack O’Brien, producers said Thursday. All eyes were on Holmes’ next step as a single woman. Was it to be a big film or a small one? Or more TV? Her decision to return to the physically strenuous eight-show-a-week life of a Broadway stage actress indicates a willingness to jump into the deep end. Her last appearance on Broadway, which also marked her debut, was in the 2008 production of “All My Sons.” The news that she will return to a Times Square stage is also a signal that she may intend to stay in New York City … Reviews for her work in Arthur Miller’s classic 1947 “All My Sons” were mixed, with The Associated Press saying Holmes “has a striking physical presence, although not much vocal variety” and USA Today saying that “at best, she exhibits a girlish exuberance that could serve her well in certain stage roles.” The new Rebeck play, which had its world premiere at the Cincinnati Playhouse this winter, will open on Broadway this fall at the Music Box Theatre. Dates and other casting news will be announced later. “Dead Accounts” centers on a son who returns to his family’s home in Cincinnati flush with money, which raises red flags for his sister, who is living with their elderly parents. Holmes will play the sister role, a not-very-glamorous part for a woman who has lately landed on the cover of every tabloid. Producers in a statement said the comedy “tackles the timely issues of corporate greed, small town values and whether or not your family will always welcome you back” … Rebeck, who was a driving force in the first season of NBC’s “Smash,” has written several plays, including the recent Broadway hits “Seminar” and “Mauritius.”

This is perfect. Broadway is so distinctly New York, the site of Katie’s newfound independence. I just love it. I have a feeling that Katie will take her career very seriously from here on out. She is on the verge of an exciting new chapter in her life. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out, pardon the pun. I’m not a big fan of Broadway plays, to be honest, but I’d see Katie Holmes in Dead Accounts.


  • Rebecca

    Stoked for her!

  • Vicky

    I really hope she finds true love with some amazing man. She deserves it.

  • allison

    dang she is skinny in that pic you posted. i’m seriously happy for her and can’t wait to see what all she does!