Katy Perry Is Facing An Indecency Charge In India


Another day, another celebrity indecency charge being filed! This time, it’s Katy Perry’s turn up at bat. In April the pop princess was playfully fooling around on stage with Australian cricketer Doug Bollinger in India, but her little stunt may cost her big bucks. She has not been officially charged yet with indecency, but the papers have been filed and the case is in the hands of Indian courts. Deets and possible, obscene sexual innuendo inside.

U.K. tabloid paper The Sun has the story:

The playful onstage antics of the pop star and the sportsman, at the opening of the Indian Premier League in April, offended some members of the Indian public.

The indecency case, which relates to the moment Doug put his arms around Katy to demonstrate a cricket bat move at the Chennai event, will go before an Indian court later this month.

The pair have not been formally charged and will not have to appear in court.

The complaint is believed to have been filed by a lawyer who claims to be acting on the public’s behalf and alleges the opening of the show was “obscene and lascivious” and “distracted students who were writing exams at the time”.

A similar action was filed against Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan, while local press reported Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra and IPL chairman Rajiv Shukla were also cited in the complaint.

The case will be heard on July 31.

You can also see the photo of the “obscene and lascivious” moment in question here.

Something tells me that after all is said and done, Katy Perry will be fine. Unfortunately, those students who were distracted from their exams will probably never recover. Please keep them and their hypothetical faltering grades in your thoughts. Wink.

Ok, but seriously. Although this may sound ridiculous from one perspective, does anyone see this as a real cultural issue? We’ve seen and heard of other artists (Madonna, Rihanna, Lady Gaga) performing or shooting videos overseas (and sometimes, right at home) and behaving in a manner that is deemed by the members of that specific community as offensive. Is that what’s happening here? Or is this another way for a good attorney to make some good money, “on the public’s behalf”?

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  • Shivers

    India tends to do this type of thing from time to time with American celebrities (same happened to Richard Gere for kissing an Indian actress on the cheek). However, I feel that it is a complete and total overreaction and just makes India look a bit silly and dramatic. If anything, I’m more annoyed at Katy Perry for her silly outfit, though I know that she is known for them, I find it disrespectful of her to go to India and prance around in a faux-Indian outfit. Either wear it the way it was intended or don’t wear it at all.

  • I think that this could be a genuin complaint of indecency, but it can also be about an attorney wanting to make a lot of money (and a name for himself). One thing’s for sure…Katy Perry’s career won’t be ruined. After all, controversy just adds more fame to a celebrity!

  • nicole

    when performers go over to these country’s, i dont get why they dont make some simple modifications to their outfits too avoid all this crap.

    • @nicole — “Artistic Integrity”

    • Shivers

      It’s so interesting to me where they choose to exercise their “artistic integrity.” I doubt Katy Perry would be sticking to her artistic guns if it meant donning a see-through burqa and sequin underwear.

  • Will

    God… If only I could express how I loathe overtly conservative people.
    I also hate when these people use “kids/students etc…” in order to justify their nonsense of reason.
    I bet you most kids don’t have a problem with Katy Perry. Adults do! Quit using your kids as a tool to buy someone’s agreement for your bullshit of a reason.It’s pathetic.

  • So ridonkulous