Watch: Joaquin Phoenix And Philip Seymour Hoffman Star In Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘The Master’


Considering the TomKat divorce, this is an especially interesting time for us to be getting a movie about the now-controversial belief system of Scientology. According to sources, Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a character based on L. Ron Hubbard, the real-life creator of Scientology. Paul Thomas Anderson will direct The Master, his first film since 2007’s There Will Be Blood, and Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams will co-star. Did I say I can’t wait? I can’t wait. The trailer’s inside and, it is seriously intense. Checkie out.

The Master: First Trailer

I’ll be honest. I didn’t ‘get’ every second of that trailer. And that’s so exciting! Although it’s clear that the film is about the formation of a particular group, the focus on Phoenix’s character seems to complicate the story, which will make for a really interesting plot, I think.

I know “Philip Seymour Hoffman” isn’t a name that gets everybody up and running but I’ve seen way too many of his movies (my tops specials being State And Main, Synecdoche, NY and Doubt); so I start foaming at the mouth (just a little) when I see his name on a cast list. Phoenix and Adams are also brilliant talents, and I think we’re in for a host of powerhouse performances with The Master.

Anderson has also chosen a fascinating topic. Even if you’re anti-organized religion or have no use for structured belief systems, this stuff is just ripe for drama! We recently heard more about Darren Aronofsky’s Noah project and I’m excited about that one too. Although the subject matter and plots are clearly different, I’m compelled by the religious bent. If done well, all stories about belief systems are really studies in a particularly common human experience or characteristic. As Bob Dylan once said, we all gotta serve somebody! We’ll soon see who’s serving who (and toward what end) in The Master.

Oh, and here’s a clip from a few months back:


The Master opens in theaters on October 12.


  • Grace

    I’m very excited to see Joaquin Phoenix in something new. He’s a terrific actor.
    And Philip Seymour Hoffman is just excellent.

  • Juneh

    Joaquin, I have missed you and am extremely happy/excited that the you’re gonna grace us with your talents again!

  • Meghan

    I am so excited for this film. It looks absolutey brilliant. I love Philip Seymour Hoffman. He is fantastic.

  • i DEFINITELY agree with you on PSH. he’s fantastic!

  • Kel

    Landry Clarke!!

  • Terry

    I am already in love with Joaquin Phoenix’s broken character. This will be a tear jerker, for sure!

  • Joon

    I’m reading Inside Scientology right now & LRH did have a motorcycle accident at one point … Can’t wait to see this movie. And the book, so far, is totally freaking. Me. Out.

  • This sounds like an interesting film, and I love both of the stars, so I will be adding this to my must-see movie list.