P!nk Announces A Collaboration With Lily Allen On Her New Album


So, this is awesome news! In an interview with Carson Daly, P!nk opened up about her personal and professional life, revealing interesting and intimate details about her baby girl and her upcoming album. When I got to the part about Lily Allen, I kind of lost it for a minute. I can’t even imagine what the two of them would come up with in a studio, but I guarantee it’s gonna be fun. Two cheeky, crazy talented new Moms known for inducing good times via good music and a healthy dose of bad ass quasi-bitchery? Yes, please.

AMP Radio has the story:

Becoming a parent has certainly impacted P!nk’s songwriting process, but on her upcoming album, The Truth About Love, she still maintains her signature wild child charm.

“Now I’m like a mom, MILF girl. I talk about diapers and the color of her poop!” P!nk told Carson Daly this morning. “That’s fascinating to me and how am I going to make the world understand that? But no, it just happens. I’m aware of the cursing more. I haven’t stopped yet, but I’m aware of it, so I just kind of yell loud in the house when something’s playing and there’s an F-bomb.”

The lead single off the new album, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” may have some risque lyrics that little Willow can’t understand quite yet, but P!nk loved it from the second she first heard the melody.

Willow loves the song too, but P!nk admitted, “Right now she’s really into the Black Eyed Peas! She really likes ‘Dirty Bit.’”

One thing you won’t be hearing on this album? Dance music, which seems to be the biggest trend in pop music right now.

“Honestly, when there’s something that’s so popular like that, that does my head in, I know better what I don’t want than what I do want. And when there’s something like that happening, I’m like, ‘Cool, not that!’ I’ve done a whole career of, ‘Okay, not that! I don’t know what, but not that!’”

The Truth About Love features several collaborations, including one track with Lily Allen.

“For the last 14 years, everyone has said no [to collaborations]. But this album, everyone said yes! And I think that’s because people think I’ve softened. I think people maybe think I bite!”

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I haven’t listened to P!nk in some time but the thought of her collaborating with Lily Allen (who’s also got new music and a new baby–allegedly– on the way) is, well, music to my ears! Something about the two of them together on a track makes perfect sense and I cannot wait to hear it on the new album.

Pink’s The Truth About Love will be released on September 18th.

In the meantime, it’s definitely worth embedding her new single again, in case you missed it on Trent’s post a while back:



  • Will

    P!nk feat Lily allen…
    How cool! :)

  • rOXy

    No Dance Music? Wtf is she talking about? Blow Me is as dancy as it gets. I have the mofo choreographed down to the last note and beat.

  • Kells

    I LOOOVE that the first single is called Blow Me.. lol!!!! Love Pink!