First Look: ‘The Bourne Legacy’ Releases Two New Clips


Ya’ll will have to excuse my behavior for the day; there may be very few non-movie-related stories from my end. I’ve just seen (ahem) The Dark Knight Rises and can think of nothing better than a day filled with movie news. Movie clips, movie trailers, movies that make me think about the relationship between capitalism and freedom as we understand it in our society… what? Yeah. More very good movies please! And The Bourne Legacy might fall into that category, although the studios were probably right to push their premiere date back. Releasing the film a week after the madness that will be The Dark Knight Rises is a much better look, methinks. Still, we have something to get excited about with Jeremy Renner, who certainly has the chops to carry on but also redefine the Bourne series. Check out two new clips inside!

The Bourne Legacy



Ok, so it’s kind of standard fare here. A whole lotta kicking ass, taking names, and car/motorcycle chases. These things never get old. But it’s going to be interesting to see if the story can stay true to its beginnings and simultaneously create some unexpected moments that we’ll all appreciate. On a slightly unrelated note, Renner is starting to grow on my eyes a bit, so I was a little distracted by my newfound attraction to him.


But I’m definitely interested in… um… exploring this relationship a bit further.

Until the next trailer, Jeremy!