I was so pumped to see that Ms. LDR had a new video! And then I was a little disheartened to see that it looked an awful lot like her last couple of videos. You know what I mean. Vintage, instagrammy and totally beautiful… if we hadn’t seen so much of it from her already. But still! It’s Lana Del Rey and I love seeing her through just about any lens, so I’ll take it. Plus actress/model Jaime King co-stars, playing her lesbian lover in this tragic tale of summertime sadness. Check out the video inside!

Lana Del Rey: Summertime Sadness


*Note: The video has been getting lifted from other sites today. As of right now it’s playing, but if it gets pulled you can watch the video here.

Apparently, the plot of the video is based on the book Super Sad True Love Story: A Novel. And it’s certainly a compelling video, although we saw a similarly tragic story re-told in Lana‘s video with A$AP Rocky (for National Anthem). I want to say that this movement is gonna get old, but maybe not. This particular look could easily go on to be Lana‘s “thing” and we all might have to just accept that for a while, lol.

Anyway, it goes without saying that she looks gorgeous and the song is beautiful as well. I’m a new fan, and I’m always impressed with her ability to sing simple, yet haunting lyrics: I’m feelin’ electric tonight/Cruising down the coast goin’ by 99/Got my bad baby by my heavenly side/Oh if I go, I’ll be happy tonight. LOVE!

What do you guys think of the new vid? Are you over this look for her? Or have you decided that this is her thing, and you’ll love her unconditionally?

Check out DirectLyrics for more words from LDR’s beautiful ballad Summertime Sadness.