First Listen: JoJo’s New Single ‘Demonstrate’ Is Hella Naughty


First off, yes. JoJo is still making music! And thanks to PITNBr Miguel I get to share some of it with you (shouts-out, Miguel). The singer (well-known for that time she kinda kiiillled Drake with her rendition of Marvin’s Room) recently debuted the new single Demonstrate, which is off of an album now somewhere in sight, titled Jumping Trains. The song is about all of the yummy, naughty things you can’t really talk about doing… always better to demonstrate. Some serious for-real R&B music is going down inside!

JoJo: Demonstrate


Kinda hot, right? JoJo teamed up with Drake’s buddy Noah “40” Shebib who worked on Marvin’s Room. Sweetness.

I could def make a baby or two to this song :) And even though I’m not especially impressed with the lyrics, they’re kinda fun and I can totally relate. Trust, there’s a lotta freaky sh-t runnin my mind too.

What I really like about the song (which is growing on me as I type) is that it is unapologetically R&B, IMO. I hear the 90s, I hear a tiny bit of Aaliyah (Come ovaaaaah). Demonstrate is also reminiscent of Destiny’s Child’s Cater 2 U. When was the last time we heard a track like that?

I like it! I don’t loooove it, but I like it. And I’m definitely interested in hearing what else she’s got coming this year. What do you guys make of JoJo? Based on Demonstrate, will you welcome her back into your lives with open arms? Miguel, what’s good?


  • Janaegal

    Maybe it’ll grow on me, but I think it’s pretty unremarkable.

    On the plus side, she looks amazing! So….there’s that?

  • Bradywantsmoore

    She also released “disaster” and “sexy to me” earlier this year both of which I loved and both very different in sound, I fucking love jojo!

  • Rome

    This song is sick!!! Love Jojo! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!!

  • Whit

    I love this song. I’ve listened to it multiple times already! But Shannon, you’re right it is reminiscent of a “Carter 2 U” or even a 90’s jam. I love that she has officially worked with 40(Marvin’s Room doesn’t count), because I believe the two of them together be a powerhouse. We’ve seen his work with Drake, and I think with JoJo they can build on her success of “Marvin’s Room” and create a different sound than what we’ve heard from her. I’d like to see a Drake-Jojo collab

  • Sarah

    I was a huge Jojo fan back in the day and was sad that she kinda fell off the radar. I’m stoked that she is pumping out some new music, the girl can sing!

  • nicole

    i love that Jojo is getting back out there. i didnt like the song at first but by the second listen she had me.

  • Miguel

    SHANNON – You are one BADASS chick. :D I’m feeling hella excited right now…*tries to calm down*

    I love this track, and have played it more times than I can remember. TOTALLY agree with you on it being a baby making jam. It made me look at my life, and make me want to reevaluate my career path, and possibly become a stripper. Haha! :D

  • Mela

    LMAO…this track is dangerous. I love it.

  • Dee

    This song is exactly the direction JoJo should go for. Her voice was just made to sing R&B. It is very reminiscent to Aaliah/Timbaland, JoJo and 40 are absolutely a great match musically. She said she’ll be working with him again for her album, so excited to hear what else they have in store. I think the world is just waiting for a JoJo and Drake collab, that really NEEDS to happen. I’m rooting for her, she’ll come back bigger and stronger, her vocals are just purely amazing.