Explosives & Booby Traps Reportedly Found At Colorado Gunman’s Home


As I feared, the news out of Aurora, CO — where 12 people were killed and 59 others were injured in a mass shooting at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises last night/this morning — continues to get worse and scarier. The gunman, James Holmes, armed himself with 4 weapons and numerous gas and/or explosive devices for his siege on the movie theater but FBI agents are now revealing that the gunman’s home is filled with more explosives. Apparently, his apartment has been booby-trapped and it could take some time for the area to be secured. Wow.

Aurora police and FBI officials told Denver NBC affiliate 9News Friday morning that the suspect in the early Friday morning movie theater mass shooting has “booby-trapped” his apartment with a sophisticated set up of flammable devices that could take authorities days to disarm. “It’s pretty sophisticated the way it’s booby trapped,” Aurora’s police chief Dan Oates told 9News. “We could be here for hours, we could be here for days.” Five buildings around the apartment of suspect James Holmes, 24, have been evacuated while authorities try to enter. The fire department is standing by. Holmes was a Phd student in neuroscience at the University of Colorado at Denver, according to university spokesman Dan Meyers. He was in the process of withdrawing from the school, Meyers said, and attended class at the medical school campus. The AP reports that Holmes had an assault rifle, shotgun, and two pistols.

It’s very clear that this attack was well thought out and carefully planned. In the coming hours, days and weeks, this story could change dramatically and more horrors could be uncovered. It will be difficult but the healing process must get underway for the victims of this senseless and barbaric act. Everyone from the president to local authorities to the movie studio have released messages of sorrow and condolences … I am a huge believer in positive thought and I honestly believe that if we keep the people affected by this tragedy in our best thoughts, with our best wishes and prayers than hopefully their suffering can be quelled a bit. I suspect we will be hearing about this massacre for many days to come. It is truly a horror that one evil and truly insane person like this can affect the lives and well-being of so many people. Let’s take care of one another as best we can.


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  • I keep hoping these tragedies wake up our nation. The response to this one feels different, in a good way. Maybe perhaps this is the one.

    My heart aches for all those affected. Can’t believe a child as young as 3 months was killed in this senselessness.

    • kat :)

      I read the 3 month old survived and is at home with his/her parents now. Still a horrible situation, but makes me feel better that the baby survived

    • @kat :) — Yes, this is great news.

    • Drew

      I still want to know why a three-month-old baby was at a midnight screening of this film.

    • @Drew — Why do you want to know this? What does it matter?

    • Drew

      It’s just weird. You don’t think it’s weird?

    • Sarah

      I agree, the baby shouldn’t have been at the film regardless of whether there was a shooting or not. At 3 months the baby shouldn’t be exposed to something as loud and jarring as a film such as The Dark Knight Rises. Plus, it’s just not appropriate to bring a baby to any film. I’m glad the child is going to recover, but the parents seem like idiots.

    • Christina

      @Drew- I agree too! I think its completely weird. If you can’t find a babysitter for your baby then don’t go to the movies. Its like people that take their school aged children to the store at 3AM and shop around.

    • @Christina — Again, the point of this is what? Why is it necessary to criticize anyone’s parenting style when people were murdered by a psycho?

    • Christina

      @ Trent- Because someone brought up that there was a 3month old baby in the theater. I just wanted to give my opinion on that. True, I should have stayed focused on the actual story.. But, I am glad that the baby survived and I do truly feel sorry for the victims and their families.

    • @Christina — Ah yes, I was asking the “Why” in the broader, more general sense — not directed at you, necessarily. All the focus on parents who bring their children to movies is irrelevant to the fact that mass murder was committed.

  • Joanna

    This is continuing to get scarier and scarier. Trent I completely agree with what you said earlier that this horrific act of violence could have been at any midnight showing of The Dark Night Rises. I have yet to see the movie but when I do I’ll probably see it at the huge AMC on 42nd street which is a prime target for a psycho like this guy. I’m sure in the coming days that the FBI will release more information about the gunman himself and those stories will probably deal with a life of bullying and lack of a strong supportive family as is common with seemingly random (although in this case it might not have been so random)shootings like this. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through today.

    • helen

      That poor man.
      I know I might be really naive, but I just cannot believe that someone would do such harm to innocent people just because. I really actually feel bad for the shooter, he must be a really miserable, unhappy, unstable person to have the nerve to do this.

      @Joanna – “the FBI will release more information about the gunman himself and those stories will probably deal with a life of bullying and lack of a strong supportive family ”

      We don’t know for sure that this was the case, but still here’s hoping us humans stop abusing each other so we stop creating this type of monsters.

      My heart and prayers goes out to the victims and their families.

  • Beth

    I heard the 3 month old baby had minor injuries and had been discharged to his/her parents this morning. I hope that is a correct report but every life lost is such a tragedy! All of my well wishes to everybody affected.

  • Quite a few conflicting reports still. Just hoping that number doesn’t rise after this point.

  • Kelly

    The 3 month old has been treated and released from every news report I have read. This makes me sick to my stomach as I just moved from CO weeks ago. Prayers to the friends in CO and the families of the victims.

  • Kelly

    Drew I understand where you are going with this as my parenting style wouldn’t include a midnight showing with a newborn, however in light of a mass murder it’s just not a necessary detail that someone’s parenting style doesn’t match our own. They would have no way of knowing it wouldn’t be safe. Yes, maybe the baby did belong at home in a bassinet, but again they would have no idea what was to come.

  • Joon

    In addition to looking at our country’s gun laws, or lack of them, I think a more pressing issue must be addressed: it seems that more & more children are being raised with no conscience or morals, and this is truly frightening. I understand that parents cannot be blamed 100%, but I’ve seen more & more examples of kids who have no sense of courtesy to other people. If kids are being raised to not give a crap, then they will not see a human life as a sacred thing. I don’t know how to fix this; and I am terrified for our future.