Watch: The ‘Detropia’ Documentary Takes Us Back To Detroit


Detroit, Michigan is a city that should be near and dear to all of our hearts. Trent hails from the rockinest of Rock Cities and earlier this summer he shared a story about the (hopefully) forthcoming Zombie Theme Park– a brilliant attempt to revitalize the once-thriving community in Detroit. You could say that the filmmakers of Detropia (Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, who brought us the Oscar-nominated doc Jesus Camp) are making a similar attempt. The film will tell a familiar story of troubles in the Midwest, but also looks like it will portray the Detroit story as an American story. Check out the amazing trailer inside.

Detropia: First Trailer


Detropia at Sundance:

I’m very interested in seeing where this piece takes us. Judging from the trailer, it moves and it haunts and it offers no solution, but tells a story. I stumbled across an article where a writer (who admitted that she hadn’t seen the film yet) was sort of groaning, saying that we don’t need another movie that shows us how bad it is in the Midwest. She wished the directors had taken a more hopeful approach. I disagree. We do need another movie like this. And I’m not sure that the directors didn’t take a hopeful approach. They (Ewing and Grady) admitted that it wasn’t the pretty picture they’d hoped to paint when they first decided to make the movie, but it was authentic and based on their experiences filming there.


Detropia will open in select theaters on September 7.

Anybody from Detroit (ahem) in the building? What’s your take on this portrait of your town?


  • Lorna

    I saw Detropia at the Cleveland International Film Festival earlier this spring — there were lots of sad parts, as well as some uplifting parts that give you hope that some folks will reinvigorate the city. But you’re right, it’s a documentary that assesses the situation without a call to arms or suggested solution. I definitely recommend seeing the film!