‘The Wire’ Gets A LEGO Spoof


Die-hard fans of The Wire, I know you’re on here. And I know you’re still not over your loss, so here’s some new footage of The Wirelego-ized. A little while back we saw Inception get the Lego treatment, which was pretty awesome and now we have this. Life is good. And Omar is in the building!

The Wire Lego Spoof
directed by Joe Nicolosi


So there’s that! Now, I’m going to make a shocking confession: I haven’t seen… The Wire. Like, at all. Ok, I’ve seen a few episodes but I’ve never sat down and watched an entire season, although it’s been my dream to do so for quite some time. So that’s the bad news. Although I know who Omar is (and Snoopy– shouts out), and I know the set-up for the show, most of the jokes missed me. Sad face.

But the good news is, I’ve just been reminded of the fact that I haven’t watched The Wire (and forced to admit this fact publicly)! I have definitely missed out on an important cultural phenomena. Will fix that. Stat.

Wire fans, how ya feelin? Just for fun, anyone care to explain the dollhouse bit to me, lol?


  • Penny

    LMFAO That is an amazing lego parody! Trent, you absolutely MUST watch the entire series!!! Thanks for the post!

    • Penny, I posted this one, lol. But yes, I will watch!

  • This is awesome! I’m going to forward this video to my dad. He watched the entire series on Netflix a few years ago and has been obsessed ever since. He will love this one.

    • Joanna, your Dad rules.
      Hope he enjoys this one!

  • Aimee

    There’s a cop on the team who is sort of eccentric and he makes tiny furniture, the fancy kind you’d see in a dollhouse, not the kind kids play with, ya know? He’s always working on some tiny chair or something, using a lighted magnifying glass and tiny tools. There’s a scene where he tells one of the other guys that he sells them on ebay or something for some crazy amount of money.

    • Aimee, thank you! I am LMAO over here! MUST… WATCH!

  • It was okay, and I admire the effort that it took. Clearly they loved The Wire. Not to be a spoilsport, but I liked The Wire: The Musical better (it helps that members of the cast were in it.)

    And by the way, the character is Snoop not Snoopy.