First Look: Lady Gaga Wears Mini Monsters And Releases A Short Film For Her ‘Fame’ Fragrance


So the world wide web was all a-buzz over Lady Gaga’s new campaign ad for her fragrance, Fame. And before I could even post the provocative monster-filled photo, I found a promo video for the fragrance that I couldn’t wait to share with you guys. Both are the handy work of photographer extraordinaire Steven Klein and both are… well… très Gaga. On top of that, Gaga tweeted a link to the short film, Formulation, on the making of Fame. Checkie out inside!

In case you missed it, here’s the ad:


One of the readers at Fashionista aptly noted that Gaga’s got a Gulliver’s Travels type thing going on here, lol. And, as is to be expected with Gaga-related anything, everyone seems to either hate it or love it. I, for one, love it. It’s Gaga; what did people expect? For her to not to be nude and not to have tiny little men exploring the vast landscape of her body? C’mon. Let’s be serious.

And here’s the Steven Klein video!

Very Gaga, right?

Mother Monster then shared this short promo film, in case you were curious as to how Fame is made:

FORMULATION: A film by Todd Tourso, Reggie Know, Rob English, and Kenneth Robin


Well, it looks like Fame is taking ov-ah! Not everyone was impressed with the first images we saw– the bottle and packaging of the fragrance weren’t especially exciting. But what do ya’ll think of this collective campaign? I’m excited for Gaga, but every time I think of her making a fragrance, I can’t help but see that Grace Jones/Strangé commercial from Boomerang… LMAO.


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  • Krissy

    I like the black and white version. I read someone’s comment that the little people remind them of the idea that there is a team of people behind the scenes making the “stars” into what we see them as, and thought that was an interesting take. The compared them to doozers on Fraggle Rock, so now I look at the image in a completely different way. ;)

  • JC

    Ew, the thought of smelling like Gaga makes me want to throw up. I keep having thoughts of her in an egg wearing a meat dress and hanging from a chandelier drenched in blood. I’m quite content with my Radiance!!

  • rOXy

    Yawn…Gaga goes for the disturbing yet again. There is something primitive in our hindbrains that reacts negatively to creepy things crawling all over us and this was no different for me. Those little monsters look like tarantulas to me and my mind immediately conjures up eight hairy legs…..shudder!!! Her fragrance might be better than the synthetic celebrity perfrumes sold at drugstores everywhere because she is showing us it is natural essence. Make it a Neiman Marcus exclusive and I might venture over to the counter to give it a sniff, but I doubt I will be spraying black tarantula juice on me anytime soon.

  • JCZ

    Face is looking a bit Miss Piggy with the photoshop/nose.

    But who is she trying to fool, biggest fame whore in the biz. It’s been riddled and asked many times, but take away the costumes, yes they’re costumes & her whoring out to the press/building fake hype – where would she really rank in todays music business. For the sake of what talent she has, I’d like to think she could be just as popular – no doubt a little less – but I don’t think she really would.

  • autumn

    I love that she used sheiBe for the ads, this is classic THE FAME GaGa in visual direction and I love the Born This Way track. That album is so underrated everybody has to have a shtick. Gaga’s image gets in the way of her songwriting. Her negative imagery for the album really misrepresented the message.