Charlize Theron & Michael Fassbender Get Sexy Together For ‘W’ Magazine


Prometheus co-stars Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender are featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of W magazine. As you can see below, the pair get awfully cozy together in their W mag photospread … but in an artfully, stylistic way. I’m not exactly sure why W has decided to release these photos now, so many weeks after the release of Prometheus but I suppose it doesn’t matter. Any time is the right time to enjoy artsy photos of Charlize and Fassy gettin’ sexy. Check out the pair’s coverphoto and photospread photos below.

They play bitter rivals in Ridley Scott’s highly-anticipated thriller Prometheus, which has hit cinemas to lukewarm reviews. But the chemistry is undeniable between Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender in a steamy new editorial for W magazine. Wrapped in leather and lace, the co-stars are shown in a series of provocative poses in a sexy science-fiction-themed shoot. The co-stars cover the fashion glossy’s August issue, photographed by Mario Sorrenti. Art directors seemed to tip their hat to Scott’s latest release, setting the actors in an ominous lair lined with chain-link fences and industrial set design … Charlize – in an Agent Provocateur lace corset – is smouldering on the cover. Arms wrapped in opera-length LaCrasia gloves, she throws her arms back onto Fassbender, who grips her limbs in a series of dominating poses. The blonde South African beauty shows her slender figure in an eye-catching Dolce & Gabbana silk bodysuit and Dior lambskin skirt, while Fassbender wears little more than Diesel Black and Gold leather pants. In one shot, the actor dangles upside down from a fence, grabbing the actress’ thigh as she clutches his belt. Clenching her face in his hands in another scene, the pair are dangerously close to locking lips, but neither seems to want to give in.

These two make a hot couple … then again, anyone paired up with Fassypants would also make a good couple as well ;) Altho these photos come far too late to do anything significant for the promotion of Prometheus, I’m glad we get to see them nonetheless. Unfortunately, Fassbender is wearing far too much clothing in these photos for my liking but considering how … generous … he’s been with his nekkid body in his various films, well, I guess we can’t always be so greedy :D

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    OMG…I think for the first time in my life I am BISEXUAL!

    • Ben@pr

      @Mr. Gyllenhaal, I thought the same too!!! LOL These two sexy beasts show good sexual chemistry and the editorial is flawless. Maybe it was released after the movie premiered because they didn’t want to give an erroneous impression about the characters relationship in the movie which is far from the editorial.

    • Nicole

      Thanks for the review I, too, have dveploeed a deep dislike for the Alien movies. Since this is a prequel of the Alien films I will pass on this I don’t like/understand the alien monsters and no longer care. I was hoping this was a new type of Sci-fi flick, but sadly see it is the lazy hollywood way of repackaging ideas of the past into mediocre modern manure ( Avatar comes to mind with repackaging Dances with Wolves ).Couldn’t they have dared to try something new and interesting, like Contact and Moon was?

  • Vicky

    She looks as good as any 20 year old.

  • swile71

    Hachi Machi!!!

  • Wynter

    They really need to do more movies together. The scene in Prometheus when she threatened him… it was, for lack of better word, electric.

  • Um. OMG. Yespleasemorethankyou.