Will Sam Claflin Play Finnick Odair In ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’?


Back in May we learned that auditions for the forthcoming sequel film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire had begun and at the time 3 high profile actors were said to be in the running for the highly coveted role of Finnick Odair. It is now mid-July and, according to reports, none of those actors have secured the role … but we are hearing that a different actor has been offered the role. Sam Claflin, the British actor who played the minor role of William in Snow White and the Huntsman, has reportedly been offered the role of Finnick Odair … all he has to do, the report claims, is say yes.

Sources tell Zap2it exclusively that the most coveted role in “The Hunger Games” sequel “Catching Fire” has been cast — and British actor Sam Claflin has got the gig. Official reps for the film won’t comment on the casting, but our reliable sources reveal that producer Nina Jacobson and Lionsgate have signed off on Claflin’s offer. Now he just has to accept the role! Claflin beat out actors like Jennifer Lawrence’s “X-Men: The First Class” costar Lucas Till and “90210” hunk Trevor Donovan for the role — as well as more recognizable names, like Armie Hammer and Garrett Hedlund.

Honestly, I found Claflin forgettable in Snow White and the Huntsman but mainly because the role he played was so trivial. He definitely has the look to portray Finnick Odair. I find this report of his possible casting very believable … he’s a good-looking enough guy who has worked in big budget films and isn’t well known enough to demand a huge fee. He strikes me as the kind of actor that a movie studio would go with for a big role that they don’t want to pay too much for. At this point, nothing has been officially confirmed but I won’t be at all surprised if we soon get confirmation that Sam will play Finnick. What do y’all think? Does Sam Claflin looks/sound like the right man to bring Finnick Odair to life on the big screen?


  • Stephanie

    I think he looks the part, not sure if he can act the part…I loved the first Hunger Games movie, so I’m sure the casting people know what they are doing.

  • Meghan

    He definitely has the look of Finnick and I think, perhaps, it would be better to have someone lesser known in this role. He also has big budget movie experience.

    • Candy

      Oh, thanks for literally just rephrasing what the article just said. Very insightful!

    • Meghan

      Yet, you felt the need to comment on it…..Why do the crazies always come out in The Hunger Games posts.

    • Krissy

      Wow, Candy. Was that amount of snark REALLY necessary? Her comment was harmless!

      Meghan, I agree that it might be better to have a lesser known in the role. Not only because they are cheaper, but it seems the casting team is putting acting chops over finding a star.

      I am taking all of these “leaks” with a grain of salt. Sometimes actors have reps leak information to scare off competition and to generate internet buzz and support.

  • CB

    He doesn’t look at all like the Finnick in my mind. I’m Team Jesse Williams, but alas.

    • Sofia

      Ditto and ditto. Team Jesse Williams.

    • Tracy

      This guy is okay…don’t know that much about him, I think he was in SWATH? If it is the same guy he is okay. I’m netural on him. But I like Jesse Williams but Finnick to me should not be an ethnic guy. However, I’m still upset with the casting of Johanna (she should be ethnic “Spanish”)I think the girl they selected for the part is all wrong. I’m very happy with all the casting so far except for Johanna and Finnick eh…

  • Jessica

    I think Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse)would be great as Finnick Odair. He’s got the look, and can have the attitude/appeal as well. Sam Claflin does have the look though

    • Meghan

      I agree about Ryan, but I think he is too old.

    • Krissy

      I am totally Team Ryan Kwanten! I think he is a really good actor, but needs a role to show that off. I don’t think he is too old because he is supposed to be older than Katniss. Since the book isn’t too specific, I think there is wiggle room. It isn’t like he is 45.

    • Katie

      I looked this up a while ago, I don’t just know it off the top of my head…lol. Finnick should be about 24. He won the 65th game at 14. So Ryan is probably too old.

      I don’t know anything about this guy. I just watched some youtube videos. He seems pretty cute & funny. I can see him as Finnick.

  • Bradywantsmoore

    While I was totally Team Jesse as well, I do see Sam as Finnick… Call me a weirdo but I picture Finnick kinda mermaid like with wavy hair and the good looks and this guy has it… I can get on board!

  • Stef

    News also broke last night that he just signed on to a movie that films ”late summer” causing a scheduling conflict. I trust Lionsgate with Finnick’s casting bevause hello, PSH & Amanda Plummer!!! I just hate these rumors.

  • Jess

    He was also in the latest Pirates movie,right? I really enjoyed him in that actually.

  • Tonya

    It was hard to pay much attention to him in SWATH, when that tall drink of delicious Chris Hemsworth was stealing all my attention :)

    I’m sure the people who cast the movie will do an excellent job choosing their Finnick. They haven’t let me down yet.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I am also firmly team Jesse Williams but I trust the Hunger Games casting based off of the first film so as long as they don’t go with Alex Pettyfer I will be happy! I just can’t wait for final casting for all of the new characters and for the filming to get going so we can maybe get some set pictures. >:)

  • Courtney

    Patrick Flueger. He’s intensely talented (Brothers with Tobey Macguire and Natalie Portman) and sexy as hell. Not too old and not too young, late 20’s. And he’s hot! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1005514/

  • JillyD

    Garrett Hedlund is who I always pictured. I guess we’ll see soon enough…..

  • Ashley

    Hunter Parrish anyone?? He was always who I pictured Finnick to be when I read the books :)

    • @Ashley — Sigh, I agree. I would love for Hunter Parrish to get the role … heck, I wanted him to get the Peeta role :(

  • blaqfury

    I’m just going to completely trust the casting team. Finnick is probably my favorite secondary character. I hope whomever they cast can capture the character as true as he is written in the book.

  • Wait! I haven’t seen the first “Hunger Games” yet!

  • aimie

    start the razzing now, but i always saw robert pattinson as finnick when i was reading. not that i, by any means want him cast that’s just who i envisioned. this guy could work he’s got the look. But add me to the hunter parrish group. he’s really got it!!!! (though i don’t know who he is or where i’ve seen him before he would have been perfect… physically)

    • Ashley

      @aimie- He plays Silas on Weeds :)