Uma Thurman Takes Her 1 Day Old Baby Out For Pressed Juice

She must've been REALLY thirsty
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  1. Good grief Uma! Get a juicer!

  2. Z

    Well, taking your 1 day baby out in public is certainly not ideal but post-pregnancy hormones are crazy – sometimes you just need to get the eff out of the house or hospital! ;)

  3. Joon

    It is perfectly fine to leave the hospital 24 hrs after having a baby — as long as you are fine & your baby is fine (and you sign a waiver). I remember thinking I couldn’t bring my first baby in public until he was much older (silly 1st time mom) so, you go Uma.

  4. Hannah

    I say go for it. I was in the hospital longer because I had c sections but I wanted to be out and about straight away. The whole rule on taking newborns out seems silly to me anyways

  5. Kat

    She seems to be sitting abit uncomfortably but if she feels fine enough to be out and about,I say good for her!! With my first I didn’t do much of anything but the second time around, it was life as normal 24hrs later (which I was discharged). With 2 other kids in the house, the quick time out may just be a nice break.

  6. Kat

    And why shouldn’t she be sitting on a public chair? She’s wearing pants and I doubt it’s anymore germ fulled then a hospital bed.

  7. Tiffany

    She does not look comfortable on that seat. lol I am shocked that she didn’t have someone just bring her a juice.

  8. Heather

    I was out of the hospital 7 hours after having my daughter, and went straight to the drug store to pick up a few things. Honestly, if you feel up to it, then why the hell not? Many moms prefer to nest and snuggle up at home in a babymoon, and that’s fine – but if you feel like going out and taking baby with you, there is not a single solitary reason why you should not. Our society treats pregnancy and birth far too much as a disease and an emergency. Good on her.

    My only suggestion for Ms. Thurman is that she would be much more comfortable going out and about like this with baby in a sling of some kind. Otherwise – kudos!

  9. Brandy K

    Each mom should do what they are comfortable with and she was obvs comfortable going to get some juice at her fav juice joint. At least she wasn’t at a Starbucks.

  10. Jessicagiovanna

    I had 2 c-sections, 1 day after birthing I was still in the hospital hooked up to an IV.. If Uma can do it, then get it girl!

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