Lindsay Lohan Poses With Her Lawyer Shawn Holley For ‘The Hollywood Reporter’


There is no question that Lindsay Lohan’s longtime attorney Shawn Holley is a very adept and very skilled lawyer. For many years now, Holley has (more or less) managed to keep Lindsay Lohan out of jail … well, as best she can. Yes, Lindsay has clocked some time behind bars but without a lawyer like Holley in her corner, she might likely still be cooling her heels in jail. It is because of Shawn Holley’s successes with Lohan that she has been named by The Hollywood Reporter magazine as one of Hollywood’s Power Lawyers. Click below to see a couple of photos of Lohan and Holley photographed together for The Hollywood Reporter and learn who Holley believes would be her next dream client.

Representing Lohan throughout the media hoopla has been Holley, the criminal defense attorney who also successfully got the actress’ felony charge relating to the alleged theft of a necklace from an L.A. jewelry store reduced to a misdemeanor; Lohan remains on probation.
Holley, who recently posed with Lohan for The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Power Lawyers List, also has repped Mike Tyson and the Kardashian sisters in various cases. How does she get leverage? “Using charm, humor and friendliness to mask the vicious, snarling tactician hiding just beneath the surface,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. As for her dream client? Jersey Shore’s Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki.

I’m convinced that Shawn Holley has a magic wand in her stylish briefcase because she has worked magic many times in order to keep repeat offender Lohan out of jail. It’s clear that Holley loves a challenge … based on the list of previous clients and her desire to represent Snooki, it seems to me that she is happy to represent the rich and powerful misfits of Hollywood. Honestly, it’s easy to understand why some people aren’t too fond of lawyers … generally, people tend to blame attorneys for their client’s mistakes/crimes. But, I get it … everyone is entitled to legal representation … and the richest people can afford to pay for the most successful attorneys. I have lots of respect for Shawn Holley, despite her association with Lindsay Lohan. The woman does her job and she does it well. How can you not respect someone who is so good at their job?


  • katie

    Do you think this is how LL is paying off her legal bills? This photo shoot seems like an odd decision for someone that keeps trying to become reputable again.

  • Alyssa

    Katie – An article like this clearly does wonders for the reputation and fame of lawyers like Holley. Imagine, being desperate to escape a charge against you and you are willing to hire the best .. why WOULDN’T you hire the woman who managed to keep L.Lo out of jail?? That being said, L.Lo most likely agreed to do this photoshoot because
    a) it paid well
    b) she owes it to Holley for the work she did!

    • katie

      I wasn’t saying anything against Holley, she obviously is good at her job.

  • Alyssa

    Shannon — I’d love to hear your opinion on why L.Lo would agree to do a photoshoot like this!! Get in here girl!

    • Hey Alyssa! I can’t imagine that this looks bad for Lindsay in any type of way. I think she does “owe it to Holley” as you put it, so why not? I am more interested in the lawyer’s role here. Like PHIL, I agree that there’s something strange about it, but in the end perhaps the photo shoot attempts to point to the fact that Hollywood lawyers are “different.” There’s a level of glam here that we wouldn’t see anywhere else. Somehow, the movie ‘Chicago’ comes to mind, lol (along with a few other lawyer movies).

      That’s my 2 cents!

    • Krissy

      I think it actually does look bad for Lindsey. It reminds people that she has legal troubles…and the picture in the actual magazine is the one at the makeup mirror. She has jowls, and her under eye area looks very tired. LL probably thought this was great for her, but she didn’t realize how un-glamorous she looks.

  • am i the only one that thinks it’s incredibly tacky for a lawyer to be posing for glamour shots with their famous client in the hollywood reporter?

    • Krissy

      The issues is about the Top Hollywood Lawyers. There are many clients/lawyers featured (Christian Bale, etc.). In Hollywood, lawyers don’t just get you out of jail. They are involved with setting up companies, negotiating contracts, etc.

    • i still don’t think it’s appropriate. she looks so happy to be there. star fucking all the way. it’s gross.

    • besides, this is lindsay, it isn’t just some client. she’s had a million issues with the courts—all stemming from her addict behavior and recklessness. it’s not like it’s meryl streep posing with her lawyer who helped her sign the contract for ‘the iron lady’. it’s lindsay ‘train wreck’ lohan and the lawyer who got famous because of her. GROSS!

    • Krissy

      I agree that they look happy to be there…and there is a larger discussion about defense lawyers who work for clients that are clearly in violation of the law, but that is a much bigger converstation than what is going on here. Ultimately, defense lawyers are a big part of the legal system.

      The Hollywood Reporter is a very reputable publication. If they were going to discuss power lawyers in Hollywood and fail to include those that have done an incredible job in criminal court, it would only be giving half the story. Journalistic integrity means that they also acknowledge the feats of legal accomplishments that might not be as savory. And like the Beiber RollingStone photoshoot…sometimes the joke is really on the subject. LL might think this is great to be in HR, but ultimately it is good for her lawyer, but it reminds people of Lindsay’s legal trouble.

    • Jstar

      @PHIL Agreed, feel the same way…so tacky

  • Kelly

    I think any paying gig is good for LiLo! Good for her. Keep booking work girl.