Beyoncé Uncovers Blue Ivy For A Shopping Trip In NYC


When last we saw photos of Blue Ivy, the only begotten child of Beyoncé and Jay-Z out and about in public here on the blog, she was covered up in Paris, France. In fact, every time that Blue Ivy has been taken out in public by her parents she has been hidden away under a blanket … until now. Beyoncé, who is rockin’ a head full of beautiful braids btw, stepped out with Blue Ivy for a shopping trip in NYC, NY today and lo and behold … she let Blue get some fresh air without being covered by a blanket. That’s right, we finally get to see her face! Click below to see the photos and get a good look at what Blue Ivy looks like these days.

Aww, what a doll. I’m guessing the crazy heat in NYC these days is what forced Beyoncé to finally let her baby out in public without having to wear a stuffy blanket over her head. This is the first time we’ve been able to see Blue Ivy’s face since B-Jay released the first photos of Blue Ivy just after she was born at the start of the year. Isn’t she just precious? As for mama Beyoncé, well, I have to say … I am LOVING the fierce braids!

I don’t know if this new development of having Blue Ivy uncovered will be a regular practice but I’m sure that baby is happy to NOT be under a hot blanket in the sweltering NYC heat. These are the cutest pics ever! Aren’t you just dying from all the cuteness?

[Photo credit: WENN, INFdaily]

  • Kelly

    Blue is adorable! I think her and Harper Beckham need to have a play date. The cute factor would be off the charts.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    1) I hate B’s hair. 2) I still think the baby’s name is ridiculous. 3) She looks so PRECIOUS, BI!!!

    • katie

      Agreed! Horrible hair but super cute baby!

    • Debho

      Ditto. Horrendous hair, silly name, but cute lil bubba

    • Kelly

      Lol I thought I was the only person that thought Blue Ivy is a whacky name :)

    • Vicky

      I don’t think it’s that bad. It could be WAY worse.

  • She definitely looks like her daddy’s little girl, especially with those lips. She is so precious. Beyonce, not so much. It looks like she placed a bird’s nest on her head. Cute baby though.

    • Tracy

      OMG! She does look like her dad…this is not good.

  • Rebecca

    B looks so happy, I’m loving the proud Mama smile. Only a diva could rock that hair structure, tho. I’m thinking it would be too hot (as in temperature) for a summer ‘do, like wearing a pillow on your head.

  • nicole

    lets hope she stay looking like she does…and doesnt start taking after her daddy – any more then she already does..

    and im sorry, but that hair is just all kinds of NO.

  • Tiners

    Don’t worry Trent, you’re not alone. I love Bey’s hair too! Looks like we may be the only ones though. LOL

  • PixiesBassline

    Bey’s face reminds me of Nefertiti in these pics. I’m glad to finally see the baby just a little more. I wonder why Bey has the baby’s head pressed into her like that though. Blue does look like her father right now but not in a bad way. She’s adorable.

  • Sofia

    omg cheeks.

  • JC

    I just hope she doesn’t look like Jay-Z, that man is fugly! I think the baby can still look more like Bey later on! …Hopefully.

  • Alyssa

    I’m also loving Beyonce’s hair, but I think it’s mostle because it’s Beyonce – she’s so gorgeous that she can pull off any look. I probably wouldn’t be so inclined to like this hairstyle on any of my friends or family.
    But to those who are hating it – give her a break! It’s summer and its out of the way! Imagine walking around in this heat with a full-on, heavy weave taking care of a newborn!? Think of it was being practical ;)

    • Krissy

      I was thinking the exact same thing about Beyonce’s hair. It works for her, it is probably less work and waaaaay less hot than having long full hair on the back of your neck all the time.

      Blue is so cute! Love those cheekies! Want to pinch them! :)

  • Syslak

    Yay! I was just wishing for a Blue Ivy update! She looks so cute. I love chubby baby arms.

  • Megan

    B looks horrible, but Blue has her momma’s pretty eyes!

  • beyonce looks like she has worms on her head : (

  • BCDanielle

    Cutest little cheeks, ever! She looks so much like her dad!

  • Fabio

    I love the hair!

  • Ahhh. I usually do not like braids on grown women, but I love Bey’s look here. She reminds me of Solange! That baby is all cuteness! She def looks like Jay; I’m fine with that :)

  • Brandy K

    I gotta agree Shannon. I’m not usually one for braids, but I dig it. Plus, I can say from a mom point of view, sometimes you just want to do something really different after the baby comes like chop it all off or dye it a different color. Of course that baby is adorable, with those giant edible cheeks. Nom!

  • rOXy

    The hairstyle seems very tribal.