Watch: No Doubt Releases A Music Video For ‘Settle Down’


Yesterday we got to hear No Doubt’s new single Settle Down, their first new track in 9 years, and today we get to see the music video for the single. As you may recall, we’ve been teased with photos and short video clips for the past few weeks leading up to the video’s premiere. Finally, at long last, we get to see the finished product. Click below to see No Doubt’s new music video for Settle Down in full.

As I suspected, the more I listen to the song the better I like it. Settle Down will deffo be one of the big songs of the Summer. As for the video, it’s fun … tho, not terribly exciting. I really love the dance breakdown … far too few videos have dance breakdowns these days so I’m glad to see that ND is bringing the breakdown back. Now that the music video is out, we can focus on the release of the band’s album Push & Shove (which is due out in September). I think this is a great sign of things to come from No Doubt. Altho the band has been away for 9 years, their return makes it feel a bit like they’ve always been with us. Do you like this video?


  • gentgiant

    Love it. I love the last minute or so of it. Like you said not a lot of videos have dance breakdowns. I think that’s my favorite part. I love that an orange made it in the video. An homage to Tragic Kingdom maybe? Can’t wait till September! Oh and KTLA was playing the song this morning when they were going to commercial. Woot!

    • @gentgiant — “I love that an orange made it in the video. An homage to Tragic Kingdom maybe?” Good eye, I think you’re right :) Also, I heard the song on KTLA this morning too ;)

  • sasha


  • FUN! And we got to see a little half-body roll from Gwen towards the end :) I’m so glad they’re back!

  • jr

    kinda nice…

  • fmx

    I liked it, no doubt being no doubt, and nice to see gwen being her gwen stefani self.

    • fmx, yes, I was thinking the exact same thing. Lol.

  • Janaegal

    Ok, I’m just gonna say it. Gwen, on more than one occassion, kind of had Crazy Eyes. Not sure what that was about.

    But they all look great(do they EVER age?!) and the song is totally growing on me and I love all the little throwback visuals(plaid pants, orange, even looked like a harajuku girl).

    • kschoice94

      I agree with the fact that I do not think they ever age!

      I like this a lot. I remember not loving Return of Saturn and then refused to enjoy anything after because I was a snobby teenager. But as a 27 year old I can look back and look forward and enjoy the song. Can’t wait to convince my husband to see them if they come to Detroit!

  • Adam

    It was ok, I like the Harajuku girl in Gwen’s cab while she was driving, trying to bring all their personalities together.

    I’m never one for blatant advertising, so the Loreal placement was kinda bad, I hate when they have to break away to do a clear shot of the product, kinda kills any flow to a video to add something like that.

    • JEM

      I agree about the product placement. It should be avoided. I love No Doubt! Love Gwen.
      Song is ok, but video is vibrant.

  • nicole

    its an alright video. nothing overly special, but had a good feel to it, and it was very ND.

  • kim

    Gwen always puts on lipstick in her videos… you can think cosmetic ad, but to me its just gwen…

  • Will

    Great vid! Very colorful and very No Doubt!
    I love the neon light colors!
    This is an example of when the video makes the song sounds better.
    I definitely like the song more now because of the video.

  • Andrea

    This song is terrible. I never understood the reason why No Doubt was ever considered a great band… Just my opinion. I’m sure the album will be very popular tho

  • Cee

    Love the song – video is a bit eh, but hey. Loved sending this to my brother who in turn fangirled he he did when he was a kid when Tragic Kingdom came out haha!

  • Smoo

    This is NOT their first song in 9 years, they did a cover of “Stand and Deliver”. WHY do people forget about this?!?!