Tom Cruise Reunites With Daughter Suri In NYC


Tom Cruise was spotted in NYC earlier today with his daughter Suri for the first time since his soon-to-be ex wife Katie Holmes filed for divorce last month. As you may recall, TomKat reached a divorce settlement in record time last week so the terms of visitation rights for Tom have already been sorted. This is the first time that Tom has been able to tear himself away from work in order to spend quality alonetime with his daughter. Click below to see the photos.

Tom Cruise is finally getting quality time with his daughter Suri. Two weeks after Katie Holmes filed for divorce, the 50-year-old star arrived in New York City on Tuesday and was photographed carrying his daughter into a hotel. It is his first visit since he and Holmes, 33, reached a divorce settlement on July 7. “Tom looked really happy,” an observer in New York tells PEOPLE. “He’s been dying to see her,” says a source of Cruise, who finished shooting his latest movie, Oblivion, on Sunday in California. Cruise learned of Holmes’s divorce filing while shooting the same film on location in Iceland. And although he and Suri have spoken frequently since the split, he has not seen her in person since mid-June. Holmes and Cruise have agreed that Suri will live in New York with her mother, but the actor will see her often. “He’ll be with her whenever he can,” says a source. Currently, the pair plan to spend several days together in the city, where Suri is expected to attend a local private school this fall. Sources close to Cruise and Holmes say the former couple will work together to make sure that hand-offs are as pleasant as possible. “They both know they are going to have to make decisions together regarding Suri for many, many years,” says the source. “And they know she loves both her parents.”

Say what you will about the seemingly crazy way that Tom treats his wives, it seems pretty clear to me that he truly loves his children. I imagine that this split is very hard on Suri. She’s so young, it’s hard to know what she understands about the break-up of her parent’s marriage. Because Tom and Katie spend a considerable amount of time apart due to their work schedules, it’s possible that Suri isn’t really aware of what is going on. That being said, 6 year olds are really observant so … my only hope in all of this is that Suri’s well-being is at the forefront as this divorce moves forward.

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  • Katie

    She is 6 years old. Why are they ALWAYS CARRYING her around like she’s a baby? There’s something sickening about this.

    • KatieFeldmom

      I’m thinking they are constantly surrounded by a mob of paparazzi and carrying Suri gets them through the throng safely and quickly.

    • Aimee

      I agree. I saw a video of Suri and Katie recently and there were like 75 photographers surrounding them in a screaming crazy crush around them, I can only imagine how scary it must for a little girl :( I’d never want to take her out at all if that was what it was like all the time.

    • ChristineLA

      I could not agree with you more. I pick up my gigantic 2.5 year old when we are at a crowded farmer’s market, this just strikes me as Parenting 101. They get mobbed, there is no way I would let my child walk through that at 6, if I could possibly help it.

    • Katie

      I totally agree with KatieFeldmom & Aimee. I can’t even imagine how scary that must be for a kid or a parent. Most of the time they are just out and no one is around she isn’t being carried.

  • Kelly

    I just wonder what Tom will be saying to Suri without Katie around. I wouldn’t be able to trust him. He WILL want Suri to be involved in scienctology.

  • Say what you want about Scientology, but she is just as much his child as she is Katie’s child. To strip rights to decide away from a parent isn’t exactly the right move to make. Yes, I think the religion is intense and insane, but that doesn’t make him crazy for believing in it or wanting his daughter to explore it. I have two parents together who chose very different ways of faith/religion and I am glad and thankful I had choices to make. It’s clear he loves her very deeply. Misguided religion or not he still does a great job raising his kids.

    • jj

      Amanda I disagree

      Anytime when children will suffer because of religion it is ok to strip right. Auditing and sec checking at 6 years old is not ok IMO. If you are ok with your child being subjected to that then that is fine but clearly Katie was not and I would not be either.

  • Jessicagiovanna

    A girl will always need her dad.. I hope things work out for them

  • GH

    It’s nice to see that even though the two come from vastly different religious backgrounds, that the care of their daughter is put well before any differences they may have had.

  • ganesh

    @AmandaMarie….”he still does a great job raising his kids.” Really?
    Ummmmm – i guess if you believe nearly 100% alienating his two adopted children from their mother Nicole Kidman is proof of doing a great job. Apparently, she hasn’t seen them in years.

  • jj


    The problem I see is that if he is controlling with the wives then it makes sense that he would probably be controlling with the children too. It’s usually the pattern seen in abusive relationship. It’s doesn’t always have to be physical. Then you add on top of that the Scientology factor and it becomes very frightening. I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise and I think his association with Scientology will be his undoing in the end.

    • @jj — Believe me, I get what you’re saying. It really is a mess of a situation. I really feel for Suri :(

  • I didn’t say I agreed with Scientology or any of the principles it practices. Not even a little. I’m just saying there are two parents here who care about the welfare of a child. Meaning they should both be allowed to parent the child.