Frank Ocean Poses For Photographer Terry Richardson


Frank Ocean paid a visit to Terry Richardson’s studio this month to pose for a set of photos because, it would seem, that is what one does as a young up-and-coming artist lookin’ for a little bit of buzz. It turns out that Ocean was previously photographed by Richardson back in May but because of the stir he is making on the music scene with his debut album channel ORANGE, those photos are finding new life. Click below to see the set of black and white photos that were taken this month and a set of color photos that were snapped back in May.

You will note that Frank is not wearing his signature headband, which I think is a good thing. I find him much more attractive sans headband, don’t you?

Of these two sets of photos, I think I prefer the color photos better but honestly, Frank looks great in all of them. I’m a new Frank Ocean fan so it’s always nice to see new sides of a new artist. I’m very much looking forward to seeing him perform live here in LA. I can’t wait to see if his onstage persona holds as much personality as these photos do ;)


  • OMG. It’s official. He’s blowing up!

    • jenn

      Truth! I love it!

  • Kel

    He is a hottie

  • nicole

    hes adorable.

  • Jessicagiovanna

    He’s a good-lookin’ fella.. I wish terry richardson would go away tho

  • Kinda weird that he wore the same shirt (and that his facial hair and head are trimmed to exactly the same length)… Makes me wonder if these are actually all from one day.

    Regardless, I agree with the others who say that he’s a handsome dude, and that TR needs to go away.

  • Drew

    He’s certainly handsome, and charming, and brilliant, and- (I have a rather large crush on the fellow)

    Trent, I love his headband! Don’t diss the headband!

    • @Drew — I wouldn’t say I’m dissing the headband, I just prefer him sans headband ;)

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say something I’m probably gonna regret but… It’s not because of his debut album that he’s blowing up. It’s because he “came out” it seems like EVERYONE is jumping on the Frank Ocean bandwagon because he’s like the first openly gay r&b star. Nobody even knew who he was when he first came out and now everyone loves him?! I’ve listened to his songs and they are nothing special, they’re even kind of annoying. I’m just saying, I’m kind of sick of hearing about a mediocre artist made great because ppl think it’s like the cool thing to like him because he’s gay. Okay… Commence argument!

    • @Anonymous — I think you are correct, to an extent. The coming out really pushed his visibility into the more mainstream but honestly, he has the talent to back up the attention.

    • Anonymous– great points. What I see happening–which is kind of hilarious and oxymoronic– is that he’s becoming a bit of a sex symbol or something, now that he’s come out! But anyone who had Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch The Throne knew about him before all this, and of course so did underground hip hop heads who rocked with Odd Future. I’ve been a fan of his music for some time and I love Channel Orange but in terms of the pop-o-sphere’s hyper-awareness of him, I think you’re absolutely right that it’s related to his coming out. This doesn’t bother me. Pop culture finds all sorts of reasons to obsess over different artists; I’ll take it.

    • nicole

      @Anonymous – i think you’re only half right. yes him coming out gave him a good push. but Frank has had alot of buzz around him for months. with or without him coming out he was going to be big.

  • Bradywantsmoore

    Well thank you guys for getting what I was trying to say. I am “Anonymous” I wasn’t sure how what I had to say was gonna be taken so thats why I did that. :) it was good publicity on his part, he knew what he was doing and it obvs helped.

  • Bradywantsmoore

    I even thought I “should” be a an but I didn’t find his music to my liking.