Disney/Pixar Announces A ‘Finding Nemo’ Sequel Is On The Way


Later this year Disney/Pixar will re-release a 3D version of the animated film Finding Nemo. Today we learn that plans have been announced for a proper sequel to Finding Nemo … a new film that will be directed by Andrew Stanton — the man who directed the original film. True, Stanton is also the director responsible for the embarrassing $200 million dollar flop John Carter but clearly Disney has faith that he will be able to rebound with a new Finding Nemo film.

While Andrew Stanton‘s live-action feature directing debut John Carter led to a precedent-setting $200 million write-down for Disney earlier this summer, the filmmaker is officially out of director jail. I’ve been hearing for months that he would come aboard to direct the sequel to Disney-based Pixar‘s Finding Nemo, with the idea that Disney would give him another shot behind the camera on a live-action film. I’m told he’s now officially come aboard the Finding Nemo sequel and has a concept the studio loves. Pixar continues to not be helpful on this, as they don’t comment on development. It’s understandable why Disney and Pixar would be excited by this. Stanton won two Oscars for his animation work on Wall-E and Finding Nemo. That original 2003?s fish tale’s $867.9 million worldwide gross makes it still Pixar’s second-highest-grossing film and the third-biggest Disney animated film release ever. And that comes before Finding Nemo is re-released in 3D in September.

As I understand it, Disney also plans to let Stanton try his hand at directing another live action film despite his failure with John Carter. Clearly the studio has great faith in the man’s abilities, despite the fact that he cost them $200 million bucks! As for Finding Nemo 2, well, I’m totally on board! If done properly, the sequel could be great. The characters are still very much beloved and it’s possible that Disney and Stanton could find the same success they still enjoy with Finding Nemo. I’m not always crazy about sequels like this but I do like what we are hearing about this Finding Nemo 2 … how about you?


  • ClaireMichelle

    Ellen Degeneres will be so happy! :) Haha.

    I’m extremely excited about this. I love Finding Nemo, especially Dory.

    • Natalie

      “Ellen Degeneres will be so happy!”

      This was my first thought haha

  • Adrian

    I can’t wait!!!! I truly enjoyed John Carter myself.

  • fab4runner

    Yay! Love, love, love Finding Nemo.

  • nicole

    yayyyy. finally.

  • debra

    Finally a remake worth making.

    and yes Ellen will be so happy. I don’t know what took them so long. I love Finding Nemo so much.

  • Joon

    Well, I agree that if it’s done right, it could be very good. I was disappointed with Cars 2 but enjoyed Toy Story 2 & 3, so … Let’s hope they do right by Crush & the whole gang.

  • jane

    “JUST KEEP SWIMMING! JUST KEEP SWIMMING!!!!” AHHH THIS MADE MY DAY SO MUCH I ACTUALLY SQUEALED WHEN I SAW THIS!!! Sorry for the all caps, you have no idea how overjoyed I am!!!

    “P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney!” FTW!! Hahah!

  • BradywantsMoore

    I saw the preview for FINDING NEMO 3D in theaters on Sunday and I laughed Si hard I had tears in my eyes!! I love that movie!!

  • Aaaahhhhhhh!!!! This is such awesome news. Not only are we getting a sequel to Finding Nemo, but we are also getting a Monsters Inc. 2 and a Toy Story 4 (although that one seems a little forced after the obvious closure we got as fans in the 3rd one). It is a great day for Disney/Pixar announcements. The next few years will be filled with such awesomeness I can’t wait!

  • blaqfury

    This is excellent news. Although it amazes me that Finding Nemo and Wall-E came from the same person. (I still have yet to figure out how Wall-E was a success). Anyways, I am extremely stoked about this.

  • BCDanielle

    “Do you speak whaaaaale?”

  • Kristín

    weeeeee :D Love it!!!!

  • JeniLee

    Very excited for this. However not so excited that I also read yesterday that Toy Story 4 is in the works. 3 wrapped everything up SO WELL. I don’t see a need for a 4th!

  • facebook_shoesofpink

    I’m so excited! Our family loves Finding Nemo! I hope that all the same people will be voicing the film. Yay!

  • aimie

    I think the main fail for john carter was that NO ON HAD ANY IDEA WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE?!?!?!? big fail for the marketing team imo, the trailers were like perfume commercial. i need to know what i’m going to see before i shell out 50 bucks for the family to go watch it! my boys and hubby loved it when they finally saw it, but we had no idea what to expect. I’m fully on board with a nemo2 site unseen we’ll go see that in 3d whatever. i loved the first one!

    • Natalie

      I totally agree because when I first saw the John Carter previews in the movie theater I was like WTF is this about. I actually thought it was the teaser trailer and they would follow up with a real trailer. I still watch Nemo to this day with my little ones;-)