The Promise Of An Old Day


Yesterday I had big plans to finally get to my huge mounds of laundry … but, alas, it wasn’t meant to be. A visit to Amoeba Records in Hollywood, CA awakened an intense love that I had long forgotten. While perusing the 12″ singles bin, I came upon a few amazing vinyl records by Paula Abdul. The records I found were ones that I already own … but I was reminded by how much I LOVE Paula’s music. Folks, I know that Paula Abdul isn’t loved like she used to be in her hey day but when she was on the music scene, she ruled the world. I’ve been listening to her singles all night and all day today and let me tell you, her brand of pop music still holds up today.

I’m not sure why but I hooked up my little iPod Nano to my Deadmau5 portable speakers and have just been playing all of Paula’s singles, remixes and album tracks for hours — particularly her songs Cold Hearted, Vibeology and Knocked Out

… and of course her megahits Straight Up, Rush Rush, (It’s Just) The Way That You Love Me, The Promise of a New Day and on and on and on. I don’t think the world realizes how amazing Paula’s music is … truly. Well, even if others don’t … I do … and I’m relishing in it all.

Yes, I was a bit obsessed back in the early 90’s, clearly some of that obsession is coming back ;)

Not sure about my plans for today (tho, I suspect I will end up getting to my laundry … finally). I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon then … who knows. Perhaps I’ll organize a Paula Abdul dance party here at my home. Any takers?

  • Isabelle

    Oh my goood…I remember loving that Spellbound album SO much ! (off to listentin to Paula Abdul)

  • Glen CoCo-Franco

    I’m obsessed woth crazy cool.

  • aj

    I was in LOVE with her when I was younger. I wanted to be her so bad! LOL. I think I’m gonna have to follow in your footsteps and bust out all my albums and rock out!

    • @aj — Be warned, hearing all that amazing Paula Abdulness again is crazily addicting.

  • Kelly

    Lol too cute! And sure I will take you up on a dance party, let me just book my plane ticket! ;)

  • Maddiej

    I randomly started singing ‘Straight up’ the other day in my car! Me thinks it’s time for Miss Paula to release some new music ;)

  • rOXy

    Thanks for the reminder of what an amazing dancer PA was. The Cold Hearted vid seemed to set the standard for all female dance videos that followed. I’m down for the party. I’ll go stock up on Aquanet just for the occasion. ;)

  • Patrick

    I’m just wondering Trent I saw in the news post you posted something about the gathering of the juggalos. I know you love all things detroit so being an ICP fan i wanted to know do you like ICP and there brand of music or is just love for D-town

  • naomi black

    OMG…. Paula Abdul was one of my original dance pop divas!! I loved her & Janet Jackson, at that time they were kinda always put up against one another, but I didn’t care I loved them both!! I got SO excited that year Paula opened the AMA’s with a medley of her songs & she threw down with all her dancers & had a costume change… !!! Oh it was great, I miss pop diva Paula, we got a little peak at her a couple of years ago with Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow… but I wanted the comeback that Jennifer Lopez(Who I also love!), got with American Idol, & it didn’t happen… womp womp!

  • ChadSF

    I love me some Paula Abdul classic tracks and remixes. I remember asking my aunt to send me a CD copy of Spellbound back when i was still living in the Philippines. My faves from that CD, asides from the hits, were Vibeology and U written Paisley Park aka Prince.

    “U, all I want is U. U know this is for you baby, watch me dance.”

    • rOXy

      ChadSF! Thank you for mentioning U! Sexxxaaaay.