Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Continue To Creep In Los Angeles


Back in May we learned that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are still very much together despite reports to the contrary and today I’m here to tell you that the couple are STILL very much together. You know, I used to like Ryan and Eva together as a couple — and I still do, mostly — but the couple is starting to lose their luster. I now get why folks are so angry at Eva for being lurved up on Ryan … it’s ‘cuz she’s greedy. Ryan and Eva were spotted together here in SoCal over the weekend … lookin’ about as couplely as ever. Harumph.

These two have been together pretty exclusively for over a year now … which is serious biz in Hollywood. I think my like for the pair as a couple came from the secret wish that he would tire of her and break-up with her eventually. At this point, they seem as solid as ever … which I don’t seem to like very much anymore. For you Ryan Gosling purists, here are a couple photos of Ryan all by himself:

OK, yes, maybe Eva got cropped out of the photos but he does look better by himself, don’t he? I imagine solo photos of Ryan make it easier for folks to imagine themselves on his very toned arm. HMMM.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Isabelle

    Harumph indeed.

  • nicole

    i dont know why, but it shocks the hell out of me that they’re still together.

  • kat :)

    I just enjoy looking at any picture of Ryan. Le Swoon ;)


    I have no quarrel with Ms Mendes but it seems to me that she’s like a maneater or something. Like she’s got some wicked talons digging into that gorgeous Gosling flesh. Ah the green eyed monster rears its ugly head….

  • fab4runner

    I feel like it should be illegal to be that hot. And that goes for both of them.

  • jess

    Once a weird couple, always a weird couple. Still not digging these two together.
    I’m no jealous fangirl either. I could care less.

    • Ben@pr

      To me both of them are good-looking and each have and are considered sexy by many. What do you mean by weird couple?

    • jess

      They are both physically attractive, yes. Well, I think Eva tends to look a bit on the masculine side sometimes. But they don’t mesh well together, in my opinion.

  • rOXy

    Eva’s hair looks really good here. I don’t like the striped Waldo shirt on Ryan, though.

    • nicole

      @rOXY – i dont think theres a time her hair doesnt look good.

  • Janaegal

    Trent, I thought we discussed this. I’m very disappointed in your lack of consideration of my feelings. Just plain rude.

    Ok, fine, the solo pictures sort of make up for it.

  • A.

    Why do you think she’s greedy?

    I’ve never thought that they “match” as a couple. You know how you look at some people and get that feeling, “Yeah. They look good together.” It isn’t about being super attractive, but just that some people look like they belong together. I’m not feeling that with these two.

  • anonymous

    Eva’s a famewh*re and an entitled brat. Many stories on this, too many to ignore. She also uses a shock collar on her dog. Why does Ryan have tolerance for such cruelty?

  • anonymous bea

    I think Ryan likes the sexy, older, cougar types. He likes to be taken care of. She does not seem to match his intellect however. She has made her way in Hollywood by selling her sexuality. He is a talented and attractive man and she looks like a tyranasaurus rex with that jaw line.
    He has asked his fanclub to quit showing private photos of him on their site as he feels stalked. Word is her publicist call the paps whenever they are going out so she can famewhore him.

  • anonymous

    Funny how he complained about being stalked, yet it’s his own girlfriend who calls the paps. He must be completely blind and stupid if he doesn’t know it’s her.

  • Luna

    ^ How do you know it’s her who called the paparazzi?

    I just don’t feel much about these two. I’m still rooting for him and Rachel McAdams to get back together!

    • @Luna — “I’m still rooting for him and Rachel McAdams to get back together!” Sigh. Me, too.

    • Kristín

      ohh me too, they belong toghether!

  • hannah

    If Eva or her publicist is the one calling the paps, and he still doesn’t realize it, and is complaining, then I have no sympathy for him. You made your bed dude, now you have to lie in it.

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    Envy is such an ugly sin.Go Eva.Enjoy your Ryan and let the rest of the world envy you.Mi hembra es tremenda hembra y mantiene su Ryan satisfecho. (My woman is quite a woman and she keeps her Ryan satisfied).I hope they last forever and eventually have some Eva/Ryan progeny.Those kids will be gorgeous.

    • anonymous

      Yeah, whatever. She quit her job to look after him because he wants a mommy.

  • Ben@pr

    Wow, many people are delusional for him and making nonsense.

  • anonymous

    I don’t like Eva. She doesn’t seem like a very kind person. She looks kind of rough and unfriendly. I thought this way before she ever hooked up with Ryan.
    I don’t care if she is dating him. He seems like kind of a jerk too. He’s gone hollywood.

  • I hope they remain together. I like both of them!

  • Angie