First Listen: No Doubt Release Their New Single ‘Settle Down’


Finally! No more teasers, no more video clips … at long last, we get to hear the full audio of No Doubt’s first new song in 9 years! The music video for their new single Settle Down won’t premiere until later today but right now we get to hear the song in full. Are you ready for some new No Doubt? Click below and take a listen.

Welp, it definitely sounds like a No Doubt song … and not like a Gwen Stefani solo song … which is good, I think. It’s not one of those songs that grabs me immediately but I can tell how repeated listens will enhance the flavor of the song. I’m gonna give Settle Down a few more spins before the video premieres later on today … but what do y’all think? Do we like?


  • PNB

    I love it already, great summer tune!

  • It’s great to have No Doubt back. Trent, I have to agree with you that this song is not my favorite upon first listen, but I think with the onslaught of it through the radio I will grow to love it in time. Now if we could at least hear 30 second clips of the reset of the album we could really get a feel for the whole sound they are going for with their first studio album in 9 years :)

  • nicole

    its definitely got a summer feel, good song for driving around. not great on the first listen, but after the second listen i found it to be pretty damn catchy.

  • Shannon

    The chorus is so damn catchy! The rest of the song takes some getting used to, and I do worry about how much of the rest of the album will be reggae-inspired because I feel like we got an overload of that already on Rock Steady when I think we can agree we would all like to have a more Tragic Kingdom-ish comeback album, no?

  • ROME


  • bleeding ears

    Sadly disappointed. Over produced and repetitive.

  • DMAN

    It’s the PERFECT song to debut after ten years of not making music! No Doubt have become a beautifully polished group of musicians! They own it! I don’t think it’s over produced at all.. Gwen’s voice still remains in original authentic form and No Doubt as a whole are still able to keep it fresh and original! 97% of pop music of the last several years all sound pretty awful and just rehashes of each other..(with the exception of a few of course) and don’t even get me on how their vocals sound! ROBOTS.

    PS. It’s been ten years!

  • T*

    I like it!

  • Alys

    Not available.