First Listen: Green Day Releases ‘Oh Love’, The First Single From ‘¡UNO!’


Last month we got our first look at the album art for the forthcoming trilogy of albums from Green Day titled ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré!. Today we get our first listen of the first single, Oh Love, from the first album of the trilogy to be released ¡Uno!. As you can hear below, Oh Love has a distinctly power pop sound to it … because the entire ¡Uno! album will have a power pop vibe to it. Click below to hear Oh Love in full and read more about the forthcoming Green Day albums.

Green Day have always been an extremely ambitious band, but this fall they’re taking it to the next level by releasing three consecutive studio albums: ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tres! The first disc drops on September 25th, the second on November 13th and the third on January 15th. Here is the exclusive premiere of “Oh Love,” the lead single from ¡Uno! (The lyric video works even better if you happen to have 3D glasses handy.) Each of the three albums has a totally different vibe. “The first one is power pop,” says Billie Joe Armstrong. “The second is more garage-y, Nuggets-type rock. And the third is supposed to be epic. With the first album you’re getting in the mood to party. On the second one, you’re at the party. And the third album you’re cleaning up the mess.” The discs are produced by Rob Cavallo, who co-produced the band’s 1994 breakthrough disc, Dookie. “We wanted to get back to the simplicity of Dookie,” he says. “We also wanted to go pre-Dookie, back to our love of Fifties and Sixties music, close-to-the-bone rock & roll. You don’t hear a gazillion parts. The majority of this is drums, bass, two guitars and vocals.” Bassist Mike Dirnt says the group wanted to move away from the weighty, politically charged content of their previous two albums, 2004’s American Idiot and 2009’s 21st Century Breakdown. “We were just thinking about making a killer power-pop record – dirtier, back to basics,” he says. “We tapped into our version of Exile on Main Street.”

It makes sense that each of the new Green Day albums will have distinct sounds or vibes of their own. It also makes sense that the first album to be released will have a power pop sound. Honestly, I like this track … it sounds very Green Day. My only problem with it is that to me, it sounds very paint-by-numbers. The chords are chords that Green Day uses all the time … which means that many of their songs sound very similar. I’m willing to indulge in an entire album of power pop but I’m hoping the other two albums will give us something more, something different, something fresh. I’m hoping one of the albums will hearken back to the band’s original sound. I would much rather be reminded of Kerplunk than Insomniac, to be honest. What do y’all think? Do you dig this jam?

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  • Green Day is my favorite band of all time so in my eyes they can do no wrong. The only thing I would have to say about this song is that it is a little on the slow side but other than that it is amazing. I love the guitar solo in the middle that’s really great. I’m just glad they are back and providing the world with not one, not two, but three albums of epicness to look forward to in the coming months.

  • Sarah

    I agree that a lot of their songs sound similar, but I think that set of cords just gets into me somehow… I always seem to like what they do.

  • Alys

    I find the music to be repetitive and dull.