Watch: Pee-Wee Herman Does Voice-Overs For ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer


For all of you who watched The Dark Knight Rises trailer and couldn’t help wondering what it would have sounded like if Pee Wee Herman had voiced every character– I have something special for you today :) Thank me later.

Pee Wee Herman/The Dark Knight Rises Mash Up:


How fun was that?! Ok, here’s the kinda sad news: it wasn’t really Pee Wee Herman! It was Jimmy Fallon on his Late Night Show doing a craaaazzzyyy spot-on impression of the character, as played by Paul Reubens. I know, I know. It kinda hurts. But watching the video again makes the pain and disappointment go away. Hit “replay” and I promise you’ll be fine.


Speaking of which, where is Paul Reubens? Sigh. Remember when he was Derek Foreal in Blow? LOL, yespleasemore!